9 skin care tips everyone should know

Are you worried about wrinkles, sun damage, acne? Would you like to have a beautiful and gorgeous skin? Then are these skin care advice for you!

Author Mads Timmermann

Mads has 14+ years of experience as a skin expert and has written/read this article.

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Sometimes it can be hard to figure out how to take best care of your skin, so that you far into the future keep your skin beautiful, healthy and gorgeous.

Which skin care products are the most important to focus your energy and money on?

And how do you treat your skin in a simple and still efficient way?

Here are 9 tips from skin-care expert Mads Timmermann, so you can have gorgeous, beautiful skin.

Guide to Beautiful Skin – Tip No. 1

And perhaps the most important tip of the 9 is sun protection.

Sunscreen is something that a lot of people easily take for granted – and forget. The sun is nice; it gives us warmth, gives us energy, gives us vitamin D – and sunshine is just nicer than rain. In any case, it is much more motivating to get out and enjoy the weather when the sun shines, rather than when it rains.

But the sun is also our worst enemy. The sun causes skin damage, pigmentation, and a variety of skin problems – especially pimples and acne, because the sun’s UV rays irritate the deeper skin and provoke outbreaks.

The sun also causes earlier and faster degradation of the skin’s outer barrier. In short, the sun causes wrinkles – much earlier than you would normally get wrinkles.

The sun’s UV rays can cause skin cancer and many other serious skin conditions, which are quite serious and indeed can be fatal.

So make sure to remember sun protection, so you take proper care of your skin. And not only on sunny days!

No, you have to remember sunscreen 365 days a year. The most dangerous UV rays can come  through the clouds, even on a gray, rainy day. The beams go right through the windows and automotive glass. Please use sunscreen every day on exposed skin.

Guide to Beautiful Skin – Tip No. 2

This is the second most important tip of these 9,which is exfoliation.

If you would like to wake up and have beautiful, gorgeous, smooth and even skin in the morning, then you should use exfoliation. If you want to combat skin problems such as acne, pimples, blemishes, whiteheads, sun damage, pigmentation – yes, the common skin problems that we all occasionally suffer from.

Exfoliation is the solution! And it should be a gentle daily exfoliation, which you can use every day.

It should be a daily exfoliation with AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) or BHA (beta hydroxy acid). The latter is certainly the best, as it works with both the outer skin layer and with the inner skin layer – and it is available in Perfect Skin Power Treat from Danish Skin Care.

The reason you need a daily exfoliation is that your outer skin becomes thick when you have skin problems, so the skin cannot reject dead skin cells.

Always avoid using scrubbing gloves, scrub masks, brushes, and all kinds of other products with grains or a similar peeling effect on the skin.

Research has shown that if you use AHA or BHA exfoliant on a daily basis ,  you strengthen your skin’s natural collagen production. Collagen is what makes your skin elastic and ensures that you do not have wrinkled and sagging skin. So in other words, a daily exfoliation also prevents sagging, wrinkled skin – while you solve the other problems on your skin.

Guide to Beautiful Skin – Tip No. 3

Expensive skin care is not necessarily better skin care.

That something is expensive does not mean that it is better, so don’t think that the more expensive your skin-care products are, the better they will work. The majority of the time, you are buying the brand name and paying for the packaging, expensive marketing, and so on.

Having said that, it should also be pointed out that inexpensive skin care is not always as good as more expensive skin care. The saying “almost too good to be true” may well be used on cheap skin care, because it may be that some of the most helpful  ingredients have been left out because  the product is SO cheap.

The point is: do not choose skin care based on cost. Look at the list of ingredients and check that there is a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and good ingredients for your skin in the product. And of course, no bad, harmful, or skin-damaging ingredients.

Guide to Beautiful Skin – Tip No. 4

Moisturizers are not the answer to everything!

Often we hear that it is important to use a moisturizer and add moisture to the skin. The truth is simply that this is not so. What makes a moisturizer really work is the vitamins, minerals, and effective ingredients in the product.

Moisture is just a tiny part of what your cream should contain.

And this is regardless of whether the product is called toner, tonic, anti-wrinkle cream, lotion, cream, or gel. No matter what your moisturizer is called, the product must be filled with a lot of good ingredients for the skin. These good ingredients should be  ant-oxidants and cell reparative ingredients such as vitamin A.

Guide to Beautiful Skin – Tip No. 5

This advice is mainly for women and deals with foundation.

Foundations may well be more than just a nice color for your skin. In other words, your foundation can contain effective ingredients for your skin.

Make sure that when you spend money on a foundation, choose one that also treats and works with your skin and skin problems. You can also easily choose a foundation with  antioxidants and perhaps even sunscreen.

Guide to Beautiful Skin – Tip No. 6

Antioxidants, antioxidants and antioxidants!

Whether you add them to your skin through your skin-care products or whether you eat them in a healthful and varied diet, your skin needs MANY antioxidants.

Guide to Beautiful Skin – Tip No. 7

Do not go crazy!

In the sense that more is not always better. So many people mistakenly believe that if a little bit of a product is good,  a lot of the product 100 times better.

I know a lot of women who have the opinion that because vitamin A is good for the skin,  using a pure A-vitamin booster several times a day is GREAT for the skin.

I am also aware of women who use vitamin C on their skin several times daily with the thought that more is better. And many use serum, a booster, or a similar product in highly concentrated form to care for their skin. Some use even several serums, several boosters, more face creams and toner, tonic, etc.

And many believe that because gentle exfoliation every day is good, then harsh exfoliation with scrub gloves, fruit acids (AHA) with high acid concentrations, and “deep cleansing of the skin” is FAR better.

All in the hope that if a little is good, a lot is better.

NO! It is not so!

First of all, because there is high risk of overtreatment. Especially when you suddenly start using pure vitamin A, pure vitamin C, or high concentrations of AHA and BHA exfoliation.

The skin simply cannot tolerate these harsh and irritating treatments. The skin becomes stressed, the skin becomes overtreated, the skin becomes dry, the skin becomes scaly, skin problems worsen, and in the worst cases, skin is permanently damaged.

Guide to Beautiful Skin – Tip No. 8

Never buy skin care in a jar.

Beautiful jars may look great in the bathroom. And of course it is tempting to choose the beautiful bottle when you are standing in the store.

BUT! The truth is that skin care in a jar is not good!

Your skin-care products cannot tolerate air, moisture, heat, and the many germs you bring when you put your fingers in the jar.

Be sure to buy skin care in an airtight container with a pump, so that no light, air, or bacteria can contaminate the products when it used several times a day.

Guide to Beautiful Skin – Tip No. 9

It’s not because I have to preach or be a health freak, health guru, or self-righteous. Not at all. It’s just scientifically proven that smoking is bad for your skin and internal organs.

So if you are struggling with skin problems, if you want beautiful, gorgeous, and good-looking skin, make an active decision to quit smoking.

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