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There is a lot of misunderstandings, noise and smart marketing when it comes to skin treatment. 😬

In 2011 we wanted to change that – and we hope you wanna join our movement to make skin treatment honest, effective and simple.

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Frequently asked questions

Your Results

One thing that is more annoying than struggling with pimples and skin problems, are the wait for new skin treatments to work.

We know it! We’ve been there! 🤯

It would be misleading of us to tell you an exact number of days for your skin to clear up. And you know what? We don’t wanna mislead you!

What we instead wanna do, is tell you, that most of our customers start seeing positive results in their skin after 1 – 4 months of using our products.

So hold on! We believe in you 💪

About Us

We are a team of happy, helpful, outgoing and positive people working from Denmark 🇩🇰, where Danish Skin Care was developed back in 2011 by our founder, Mads Timmermann.

Mads wanted to offer others with pimples and skin problems (like himself) 100% honest, effective and simple products.

You want all the best ingredients without all the bad ones.

You can be sure that we only use the best, healthiest and non-irritating ingredients, selected from what research proves are healthy for you and your skin.

Everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t.

Customer Service

Do you have a question? We would love to help and you get an answer within 24 hours every weekday.

Write to us:

Call us: +45 30 116 116
– Weekdays at 10AM to 1PM GTM+1.

Your Order

We have chosen to only sell our products on our own online store, to ensure you get the best advice, shipping/handling and at the same time keep the prices down. There are no middlemen, dealers or distributors who also have to make money.

A note from our founder

I wanted something to clear up my breakouts – so I created it my self…

Skincare has for many years been complicated.

I wanted to give people with breakouts and irritated skin (just like my self) the choice of 100% honest, effective and simple products.

I like to think we changed that.

The founder of Danish Skin Care and expert in beautiful skin - Mads Timmermann