Acne and blemish prone skin

Mads Timmermanns personal history with acne

When as a young teenager I started having problems with my skin and acne, I tried treatments and followed the recommendations of many different beauticians.

My daily skin care routine consisted of using different skincare products – a lot of skincare products – had several peelings and masks every week, and made visits to a beauty shop every month.

I also tried tanning at least once a week.

Acne – the eternal battle

For several years, I tested a lot of theories about acne and skin care, such as smearing different oils on my face, using products with harsh ingredients, or not using products at all.

I visited countless beauticians, who treated me in countless ways and of course with their own favorite products.

I tried hundreds of skin care products in all price ranges, but I still had acne.

Sometimes, some acne products did work a little, but not as well as I had hoped and never for a long time. And every product has its own side effects. Most acne products made my skin so dry and red that I thought it would peel off.

Treatment of acne and pimples

Slowly, I worked my way through the confusion that comes with trying to treat acne and I started to recognize some fundamental problems with the acne products and treatments within the beauty industry.