Acne and bumpy skin

Have you spend a lot of money on acne? How to remove acne, blackheads and uneven skin? Danish Skin Care provides the answer here!

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Question: “Acne and bumpy skin”

Hi Mads :-)
First of all, I don’t understand how you could ever have had acne.. When I saw your picture on the front, I immediately thought “perfect skin”. That’s what I really want :-)

I’m 14 years old and I have acne. It’s not like I have big red areas or anything like that, but it’s more like little blackheads/uneven/bumps in my skin..

I use Clindoxyl every night (which I received from the doctor). I’ve also received pills for acne from the doctor, but I simply can’t swallow them, so I completely gave up on them! Clindoxyl worked really well! But it only felt like it worked on the surface and didn’t go deeper into the skin.

In the past, I’ve used a lot of foundation and powder, but I stopped because it felt like I was wearing a mask every day and no one knew how bad it was without the mask.

I’ve spent a lot of money trying to find the correct care for my skin, but nothing ever worked.. I have blemishes/ugly scars on my back and acne mostly on my forehead. I have a lot of blackheads on my nose. How do I remove blackheads? Again, it’s not because it’s really bad, but when you see someone who has perfect skin like you, I know there’s something wrong with mine. So I guess the question is, do you know any products that you can recommend for me? :-)

Look forward to hearing from you :-)

Answer to: “Acne and bumpy skin”

Dear Inge,

Thank you so much for your sweet words about my picture and your letter. You should know that if you treat your skin the correct way, it will change for the better.

First of all, I am proud of your perseverance when it comes to treating your skin. But you have to be careful not to over-treat it and/or use products that are too harsh. Acne is the result of unstable and sensitive skin, so it should in no way be over-treated.

As a 14 year old girl, your hormones are going crazy, and the very best advice I can give you is that you should think about how you can avoid large fluctuations in your hormones.

First of all, I will have to ask you to remove cow’s milk products from your diet. Milk, cheese, etc. contain a large amount of hormones, from which your body is already suffering.

Second, you should not stress yourself. Stress can be a lot of things. For example, from having time to visit all of your friends to keeping up with your school work to your hobbies. My best advice will be that you should remember to get your sleep, 8 to 9 hours every night.

In conclusion, be careful with eating large amounts of refined sugar, which is found in sweets, soda, cake, ice cream, but also in fast food like pizza and burgers.

Regarding skincare, I would recommend you to read my cure for acne, which is my simple and very effective step-by-step programme for curing acne and blemishes, where you will receive:

  • Documented knowledge in a language that is easy to understand
  • An easy step-by-step guide
  • Video guides , where I will tell you and show you how to do the different steps
  • A list of products, so you can see which products you should choose to treat your skin

See my cure for acne here.

III hope you can use my advice and I would love to hear from you again, in for example a month when you have had time to change your diet.

I wish you great success in your life.

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