Acne and hair colouring

Pimples, acne and blemishes due to hair coloring and hair dying? Can dying your hair cause pimples and acne? Get help to treat acne here!

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Question: “Acne and hair colouring”

Hi Mads,

I’m a 15 year old girl who were googling randomly to find out if there was a way that I could get rid of my blemishes. I also saw what your skin looked like before and I think it’s unbelievable that your skin looks as good as it does today. I wish it was me, I don’t have a lot of acne, but I have enough to hate it.

The acne is really weird, because I don’t have blemishes all over my face. I have them on my forehead, along my cheekbones, my chin and my nose. I don’t have any on my cheeks, but I have some on my back.

I haven’t had it always, it started in grade eight when I coloured my hair the first time. Afterwards, I started having a few blemishes, but nothing compared to the second time I coloured it. The second time, I started having really big, red blemishes on my forehead. I don’t know what caused them then, but my teacher said that it could be connected to the hair colouring. I did all I could to remove the hair colour, and today I have no colour in my hair, but I still have a lot of blemishes and I’m really tired of them.

I read your advice and I don’t really suffer from any of them, because I’m a football player. I don’t think that I’m especially stressed, can’t remember that last ones, but not any that I have any problems with. Do you have any advice on what I could do?

Hope you can help me, thanks in advance :-)

Answer to: “Acne and hair colouring”

Dear Anne,

Thank you for your letter and your sweet words. You have to know that anything is possible, also when it comes to improving acne and blemishes.

It is important to understand that acne and blemishes can be a big “problem” even if it is only “a little” acne on your face. Some experience it as more spread out across their face like you, while others have it all over their face. And even if you have a few, scattered blemishes or many all over, it can and should be treated in the exact same way.

To have a guide in how to treat your acne , I would recommend you to read my cure for acne here.

Also, acne on the back can be treated in the same way.

When it comes to hair colouring and acne, it is not something that I have heard before. Acne is caused by an over-production of the acne-bacteria in your skin and it can happen when there is an irritation (for example, friction with clothes, jewellery, hands on the face, hair products, etc.). Instead of blaming the hair colour, I would rather point out that you at that particular time experienced several hormonal changes, which can normally increase the production of acne.

Regarding my advice, they are not only directed towards acne, since it is several things that in general can affect our skin in a negative way. But I do think that you should continue your healthy life style and avoid that factors that are damaging for your skin.

I hope you will have a great weekend I wish the best future for you and your skin!

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