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Question: “Acne and powder from Clinique”

Hi Mads,

I’m an 18 year old girl, who has a problem with acne especially on my forehead.

It all started when I was 14 and I’ve tried several products for acne. I even visited a cosmetologist for a time. Nothing worked.

About 2 years ago, I started suing Proactive solution from the TV shop. So far, it’s the product that has worked the best.

For the past couple of months, my acne has really started to affect me. I think a lot about the great skin that other people have and how ugly my skin is. I’ve even declined going to social events because of my skin.

Yesterday I decided that it was enough. I went to the doctor and talked about my problem. The doctor gave me some pills (tetracycline actavis), which I have to combine with dalacin clindamycin that has to be applied externally twice a day. I’ve read online that these products are for really severe acne, but I don’t think that I have that. Is there any danger in using these products if I only have mild acne? I’m also unsure of how I can combine the dalacin clindamycin with my Proactive cleansing products? The Proactive series contains both cleanser, skin tonic, day crème and night crème, but it is written on the dalacin clindamycin package that the product must be applied after cleansing the skin. So should I just cleanse my skin with the Proactive cleanser and then apply the dalacin clindamycin? The problem is then that my skin will not have any moisture at all! What do you think that I should do?

I’ve read on a web site, that your cleansing product shouldn’t contain grains, because it can make the acne worse. That is exactly what is in the Proactive cleanser.

Also, there are a lot of parabens and chemicals in the Proactive products. Do you think that I should find new skincare products?

I’ve considered trying the new Clinique cleansing series for acne. What do you think?

My actual question is regarding a powder that I really like. It’s Clinique almost powder makeup SPF 15. When I bought it the sales clerk said that it’s a mineral powder. Do you know if that is good enough for skin with acne? It’s written on the package that it contains talc. I don’t’ know what talc means for acne skin. Will it make the acne worse?

I must mention that I stopped eating and drinking dairy products to see if that would help improve my skin.

Much love,

Answer to: “Acne and powder from Clinique”

Dear Sarah,

Thank you so much for your detailed question. I am really happy to be able to share my experience and m knowledge.

I know the problem with trying a lot of different products for acne without any results myself. And I finally found out why they did not work.

So many products for acne and blemishes contain irritating ingredients. This can be natural ingredients like eucalyptys and menthol. The problem with the irritating ingredients is that they stimulate the androgenic hormones, which boosts the production of tallow. And increased production of tallow will often lead to more acne and blemishes.

So my advice is this: Use mild skincare products for your skin without any kind of irritating ingredients. In addition, use AHA acid (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) or BHA acid (salicylic acid), which will help the renewal of cells in your skin, and also the antibacterial ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide.

Proactive Solution contains BHA (salicylic acid) and so some people experience good results with this product. The same goes for Perfect Skin Power Treat from my own company Danish Skin Care, which also contains a lot of good ingredients, among them Niacinamide (vitamin A = cell repairing), vitamin E and camomile extract (both great antioxidants).

I am really sorry to hear about your skin disorder and your social life. I know the problem myself and it must definitely be taken seriously. In my skincare seminars, I talk with primarily young people about what they can do to keep their skin healthy and clean with skincare, diet and exercise – and also how they can work mentally with the struggles that comes with having acne.
My biggest experience is that acne and blemishes are a much bigger problem for you than your surroundings. To put it bluntly, your friends do not care if you have good skin or bad skin, they are your friends because they care about you and love you. Never forget that…

Regarding using prescription pills and crèmes, I have tried tetracycline actavis myself, unfortunately without it having any effect on my acne and blemishes. I would also like to emphasize strongly, that if you have a healthy diet filled with vitamins and minerals (fruit and vegetables) you will experience a whole new glow and radiance in your skin.

When you use crèmes from the doctor, for example dalacin clindamycin, I would recommend you not to use any other harsh products for acne at the same time. Choose a mild cleansing product, use your dalacin crème and maybe add some extra moisture if needed approximately 5 minutes after applying your dalacin crème and let your skin absorb it (use a very mild moisturizer, naturally with sunscreen during the day).
Acne and blemishes do not react well when being provoked by a scrub with grains. Any form of provocation will make your acne worse, so please avoid that. For example, you can use Perfect Skin Power Treat instead, which is a daily peeling that is just applied to your face before your moisturizer and so will be actively peeling for a longer time – gently, but at least as effective as a weekly peeling (and you will avoid the side effects that comes with a weekly peeling).

Please, do not be afraid of parabens. If you choose the correct parabens as preservation in your skincare products they are much better for your skin than natural preservation. At the same time, the “dangerous” parabens have been really hyped, which I tell more about here: Is parabens dangerous?

Skin with acne does not need very heavy and clogging products and talc can easily clog the pores. So, be careful using products with talc and remember to remove your make up every night.

In conclusion, I would recommend you to read my cure for acne, which is my simple and very effective step-by-step programme for curing acne and blemishes, where you will receive:

  • Documented knowledge in a language that is easy to understand
  • An easy step-by-step guide
  • Video guides where I tell and show you how to do the different steps
  • A list of products where you can see, which products you should use to treat your skin

See my cure for acne here.

I wish you the very best future.

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