Does benzoyl peroxide cream remove pimples?

Do you suffer from severe outbreaks of pimples and want to boost you daily skincare routine? Learn more about benzoyl peroxide cream here!

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Question: โ€œDoes benzoyl peroxide cream remove pimples?โ€

Hi Mads

I’ve been using your skin care series in just over three months. I haven’t touched sugar, i have been exercising and i almost never drink alcohol.

There has been a significant change in my skin. I’m so happy! Danish Skin Care is certainly the first products that has ever helped my skin.

But I have unfortunately still a little spotty skin. I have previously been treated with Tetracycline, Isotretinoin, Tazorac cream gel and Benzoyl Peroxide cream. So it has been really bad and hard for my self-confidence and self-esteem.

I need to order a new skin care kit. Can I just buy theย face washย andย Perfect Skin Power Treat? Or do I also need the day and night cream to get the full effect?

I am also considering to start treating my skin with benzoyl peroxide cream again. I previously read that you recommend it – could benzoyl peroxide cream remove the last of my impurities?

Lots of love Mathilde

Answer to: โ€œDoes benzoyl peroxide cream remove pimples?โ€

Hi Mathilde

Great to hear that you are fond of the products and can see a positive result on your acne already โ€ฆ And thanks for the kind words! Really nice that you are fond of my skincare range :-)

Of course I understand, that you would like the remaining pimples and impurities to disappear from your life and I would also like to help you to put in a little extra effort. The alternative is to give it time, for the last pimples will disappear too โ€“ fighting acne just takes more time. And you have, after all, only been usingย Danish Skin Careย for 3 months.

Want to put in a little more effort the next few months, so I recommend you to look at a product with benzoyl peroxide. One must not use benzoyl peroxide on the skin, but combined with salicylic acid from the daily exfoliation and the good vitamins, then you have a really tough and effective combination for acne โ€“ just note that benzoyl peroxide will dry out your skin during the period.

Therefore, you should choose to use it now and 2-3 months forward but remember to stop before the summer when your skin becomes extra sensitive to light. And you might consider using the series for dry skin, so you do not start to peel.

Cream with 5% Benzoyl peroxide that you can get over the counter at pharmacies. With Benzoyl peroxide cream your skin care routine should look like this:


Perfect Skin Face Wash: your daily cleanser that gently and effectively removes dirt from the skin. Wash your face (possibly. The shower), put some Perfect Skin Face Wash into your hands and massage it into your skin. Rinse with plenty of water and remember to pat dry the face.

Perfect Skin Power Treat: your daily exfoliation, which will effectively remove dead skin cells from your skin, helping to smooth out bumps, wrinkles and removing stains / pigmentation. While the product has a very good effect against pimples, blackheads, whiteheads. The product is calming. Use the product by dropping a little on a cotton pad (or palm) and rub onto your face.

Perfect Skin Protector Day: Day cream filled with good vitamins and minerals that will help to rebuild and protect the skin all day long โ€“ includes UVA / UVB sunscreen.


Perfect Skin Face Wash: The same product and the same procedure as in the morning. Now the skin is just cleaned and the dayโ€™s dirt is removed and the skin is readied for the subsequent products.

Perfect Skin Moisturizer: Night cream filled with good vitamins and minerals that will help to rebuild and protect the skin through the night โ€“ and really boost your skin.

5% Benzoyl peroxide cream: wait 2-3 minutes after Night Cream is rubbed on and your skin has soaked the Night Cream afterwards put a thin layer of 5% Benzoyl peroxide cream all over your face. It should preferably be the entire face, except for the lips and eyes โ€“ even if you only have pimples on the chin, cheeks or the like.

After 2-3 months, stop using 5% Benzoyl Peroxide cream and then move toย Perfect Skin Power Treatย for the evening.

Hope it was an answer to your questions. And you will get a slightly more effective fight again your acne problems โ€“ otherwise do not hesitate to write again.

And yes, to answer your real question about whether you need to order the entire series. I can of course not force you. You can make do with just one or two of the products from Danish Skin Care series.

However, I would REALLY recommend that you buy the entire series if your skin is still plagued with pimples. And even in the period of 2-3 months when you use the 5% Benzoyl Peroxide cream, so that you finally can put an end to your pimples.

Get Danish Skin Care skin care series against pimples, acne and blemished skin โ€“ here

To this I might add that I would recommend you to drop milk products the next few months โ€ฆ

Milk is the only food which is the direct cause of pimples.

So even though itโ€™s super good that you drop sugar and drink a minimum of alcohol and get a lot of exercise, you should also try dropping milk and dairy products โ€“ milk and dairy products cause pimples.

Learn why milk cause pimples

I wish you all the luck with your new treatment. Finally you can write again if you need further guidance, and I would love to hear from you when you are rid of your pimples :-)

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