Does soy milk cause pimples?

Your diet is a important part of you daily skincare. So its crucial to know what does and does not cause pimples. Click now and learn more!

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Question: “Does soy milk cause pimples?”

Hi Mads

Thanks for some super lovely skincare products! I am a big fan of Danish Skin Care and I love to use the skincare series on my skin. My skin has become so great after I started using Danish Skin Care skincare series.

I still have a little impurities once in a while, which is why I write.

I would like to try to drop the milk because you say milk cause pimples.

My question is why: If you have an outbreak of pimples and try to get a clean skin, should you avoid all kinds of milk products? Or is it only dairy products you should avoid and I can easily drink for example soy milk without problems or fear of further outbreaks?

Many greetings Cecilie

Answer to: “Does soy milk cause pimples?”

Hello Cecilie

You should definitely avoid all types of cow’s milk and dairy products if you are plagued by acne – milk is the only food which is the direct cause of pimples and acne.

In other words: milk and dairy products cause pimples!

Learn why milk and dairy products cause pimples. And read about alternatives to milk so you avoid acne, pimples and blemished skin


Now you ask in relation to soy milk, I just want to add that soy milk has NOTHING to do with milk. A more appropriate name would be soy drink :-)

But soy does contain many hormones that because of other health reasons is not so good for us … so to recommend soy drink instead of milk, I can not … soy is okay in small amounts, but otherwise I recommend you to try almond drink, oat drink, rice drink(also called almond milk, oat milk and rice milk, but again it has NOTHING to do with milk! :-)

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