Active lifestyle and skin problems

Do you have an active lifestyle that makes you dirty and sweaty? Does it create skin problems? Get the solution and perfect skin care routine right here!

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Question: “Active lifestyle and skin problems”

Good day!

Do you have some good tips for a women in the military world suffering with unclean skin? :-)
I do not want 8 different products for my skin, I need something simple and easy. My sergeants are gonna be mad at me if I spend too much time on my skin! Hehe.

I’ve haven’t had any pimples or unclean skin for “almost” a year .. But after I’ve began as a recruit in the military, where I’m sweating almost 24/7, all the impurities have returned! I always make sure to clean my skin in the morning and evening, and I do not use any “make-up”!

But now I am working my but off in the military, I am of cause VERY active, VERY dirty, and I am constantly sweaty… We also use a lot of “military makeup”… If you don’t know what it is, I am of cause talking about camouflage! ;-)

Do you have any tips on how I can get rid of my impurities?

Hope you will help me!

Yours sincerely

Answer to: “Active lifestyle and skin problems”

Hi Yana

It is so cool that you are in the military! An active lifestyle is super awesome! :-D And an active lifestyle doesn’t have to cause skin problems, like unclean skin.

And it is great that you are also a fan of the natural look – I’m a big fan of the natural look… And i am especially a fan of effective, gentle, simple and easy skin care routines! :-D

So I will gladly help you, and it is actually an easy answer… You only need 4 products – it is that easy and simple… Your active lifestyle in the military and all you “military makeup” doesn’t change that!

You only use two products in the morning and three products in the evening – your cleanser is the same, so your skin care routine only contain four products. But with a very active lifestyle, as I believe you have in the military, you may need to use a little more face wash and cream than you would otherwise.

When you exercise or otherwise sweat or make your skin “dirty”, you should of course wash your skin again – just make sure to apply your day cream so your skin get nourished. So your amount of daily facial wash, depends on how active you are or how often you get dirty! But please remember your day cream afterwards! :-)

– The Danish Skin Care skincare series will certainly have a super effect on your impurities!

And I have gathered several features in one and the same series, so you get sun protection, you get awesome care and nourishment + you get all the vitamins and minerals your skin needs. And of course plenty of anti-aging – and a SUPER treatment of pimples, impurities, acne and other skin problems! :-D

And you don’t need to carry tons of skin care, when doing all your cool military exercises! Your skin care routine will be lightning fast And hopefully your Sergeants will not be mad at you!

– You can order a complete skin care kit for your skin type here:

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