Allergy friendly skincare

That skin care products are allergy friendly, does that mean that they are better for your skin? Get the answer about allergy-prone skin care here!

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Question: “Allergy friendly skincare”

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Is allergy friendly skin care better for your skin?

Answer to: “Allergy friendly skincare”

In the beauty world, there are a myriad of terms to induce consumers to buy a particular skin care product.

Terms such as “good for sensitive skin”, “hypo-allergenic”, “Allergy-Prone”, “Allergy Friendly”, “specially for sensitive skin” are just a few of the many expressions.

The truth is just that there really are no guidelines for what you should write on skin care products. Basically you can create a skin care product filled with tar and alcohol, but write “good for sensitive skin” on the packaging.

The answer is found in the list of ingredients, which always has to tell the truth, no matter what the manufacturer would otherwise choose to write on the outside of the product. Danish Skin Care sees all skin as delicate / sensitive skin and therefore believes that all skin should be treated accordingly.

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