What about argan oil?

Skin care can be quite a jungle to navigate! Do you use products with the right ingredients and is argan oil one of them? Get the answers here!

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Author Mads Timmermann

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Question: โ€œWhat about argan oil?โ€

Hey Mads

I cant stop reading your newsletters! I love all your tips and good ideas! And I am determined to become a happy customer! But unfortunately, I have already bought a lot of skin care products! They promise a lot and I just have to use them before I can buy new skin care. When I was downsizing my enormous amount of different products, I found a bottle of Argan oil for the hair: Seward Mediter Hair Treatment. Can I use it for the body as well?

Thanks in advance.

Many greetings – Your next happy customer

Answer to: โ€œWhat about argan oil?โ€

Hi Mona

It makes me so glad that you can use all the information and guides I share! :-)

And just to answer your question, both yes and no โ€ฆ You can use Argan oil on your skin. There is actually argan oil in the Danish Skin Care skincare series.

And argan oil is a really amazing ingredient if you want to care for your skin. But you can easily use too much oil if you just put it on your skin in its liquid form. There are only a few drops of argan oil in one cream from Danish Skin Care. In one cream you get about 90 days of care โ€“ so you only get a few drops of organ oil and that is all what your skin needs.

Now the skin (as such) does not get damaged by argan oil, but using a lot of argon oil has no effect. And there is also the risk, that a lot of argan oil could clog your skinโ€™s pores โ€“ and this can cause skin impurities.

I can best compare it with strawberries. Yes, we all know strawberries are SUPER healthy. But we also know, that if you eat REALLY many strawberries, it is not harmful to the body (as such), but it can create problems for the stomach โ€ฆ and cause a bad stomach ache.

โ€“ You also need to be a little careful when it comes to organ oil and face care.

In addition, many of the products sold as argan oil often contains different oils. Argan oil is a rather expensive oil, so itโ€™s rare for argan oil to be 100% pure! So please remember to check out the list of ingredients and see if the product contain rapeseed oil, sunflower oil or other cheap oils! Maybe the cheaper oils is fine for the hair (which is dead) โ€“ all hair is fond of moisture and all oil can make the hair shine โ€“ but it is FAR from all oils, you should use on your skin

By the way, you can read a more detailed Beauty Guide on oil and the use of oil in skin care, just follow the link down below:

โ€“ This is why you should avoid some kinds oil!

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