Blackheads and Enlarged Pores

A frustrating and irritating skin problem which - luckily - can easily be fixed.

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Author Mads Timmermann

Mads has 14+ years of experience as a skin expert and has written/read this article.

Most people get blackheads and a lot are bothered by large pores.

Blackheads and large pores are pretty frustrating. With proper treatment, the problem is easily solved!

7 mistakes most people with blackheads and enlarged pores make

Many people make mistakes when treating their blackheads and enlarged pores. Here are 7 mistakes most people with blackheads and enlarged pores make:

  1. Using scrubs
    Many mistakenly believe that blackheads need to be scrubbed away with face scrubs. This is a big misunderstanding! Scrubs do not work against blackheads, and have no effect on enlarged pores. Actually, scrubs will only dry out your skin, so that you develop even more blackheads. And scrubs can easily irritate your skin and cause redness.
  2. Getting deep cleansing treatments
    Deep cleansing is not the solution to enlarged pores or blackheads. Both of these problems are superficial and can easily be treated if you go about it correctly. Deep cleaning only irritates the deeper layers of skin, so that more blackheads. Deep cleansing can also make the skinโ€™s pores look even bigger.
  3. Using products with perfume on their face
    Perfume irritates the skin. This irritation makes the skinโ€™s sebaceous glands retract and the skinโ€™s pores expand. Can you see the problem? When the skinโ€™s sebaceous glands retract, blackheads and whiteheads form. When the skinโ€™s pores expand, then you begin to see your pores.
  4. Using products with alcohol
    Like perfume in point 3, alcohol dries out the skin too. However, it should be mentioned that certain alcohols do not dry out the skin, rather hydrate it. Cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, arachidyl alcohol and behenyl alcohol are some of these. Other alcohols dry out the skin, and should be avoided in skin care.
  5. Using products that clog pores
    Oils have become very trendy in skin care. However, oils are not always a good idea! Especially not in large quantities! And least of all when applied directly to skin. Cleansing the skin in oil or applying oil to your skin in any other way can be part of the reason for enlarged pores. It clogs pores, and causes blackheads and pimples.
  6. Popping blackheads
    Blackheads donโ€™t need to be popped, since this presents a big risk of doing damage to the skin. Moreover, popping blackheads has no effect โ€“ so save yourself the time, as you will only be doing more damage than benefit to your skin.
  7. Using steam, saunas and warm water
    Many people mistakenly believe that steam is good for the skin, and therefore choose to steam their skin to loosen dirt and grime. Steam canโ€™t get rid of dirt and grime on skin! In the same way, taking a steam in a sauna canโ€™t help with enlarged pores either. Warm water is also a bad idea to use on your face. Instead, use lukewarm water and avoid steam baths and saunas for treating enlarged pores and blackheads.

Those were 7 mistakes that many people with blackheads and enlarged pores make. We bet there are many more out there. The worst you can do is:

  • Sunbathe. Drying out your skin is not the solution. You will only expose yourself to sun damage.
  • Peeling masks. Although these are very popular online. Lots of youtubers use this method. It doesnโ€™t work, but really harms your skin.
  • Using harsh and concentrated products. This can cause allergies, skin irritation and other various skin problems.

Do yourself a favor and stop making the above mistakes. Treating blackheads and enlarged pores does not require extreme treatments, when you treat your skin right.

The challenge with blackheads and enlarged pores

The biggest challenge with blackheads and enlarged pores is that it is unattractive, while they also cause uneven skin. Blackheads and enlarged pores are not contagious and do not spread. Despite this, most people will experience blackheads sometime in their lives โ€“ maybe as a result of taking bad care of their skin.

The most important thing to remember is that both of these problems can be easily treated. Blackheads and enlarged pores are actually the two easiest skin problems to combat.

How to treat blackheads and enlarged pores

The good news is, that it is easy to treat blackheads and enlarged pores. Whatโ€™s more, is that it doesnโ€™t require harsh ingredients, trips to the dermatologist, deep cleaning or other harsh treatments. However, the treatment of blackheads and enlarged pores takes time โ€“ and patience can be an issue. Here are 4 tips to treating blackheads and enlarged pores:

  1. Face wash morning and night
    Choose a mild face wash, gladly one that dissolves grease. Make it a routine to use this face wash morning and night โ€“ and youโ€™re already on your way to beautiful skin.
  2. Start using salicylic acid
    Salicylic acid is indispensable in the treatment of blackheads and enlarged pores, since it carefully cleanses the skinโ€™s pores, and gets rid of clogged pores.
  3. Care and rest are important
    Make sure that your day and night creams contain many soothing and nourishing ingredients. These could be chamomile, aloe vera, vitamin E and vitamin A.
  4. Remember moisture!
    If you struggle with enlarged pores, getting moisture for your skin is important, so you can hydrate your pores deeply.

The Danish Skin Care series is fantastic for treating blackheads and enlarged pores. In the series, youโ€™ll get both a cleanser and a treatment with salicylic acid. Youโ€™ll also get all the soothing and caring ingredients there are.

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The saying goes:

Patience is a virtue

โ€“ This is important to remember in treating blackheads and enlarged pores.

Give the Danish Skin Care series 2-3 months, and your skin should start to improve โ€“ if it isnโ€™t completely free of blackheads and enlarged pores.

An extra tip for those who struggle with blackheads and enlarged pores is to sweat.

Naturally not due to warm water, sauna, or steam baths, but from exercising or by taking a brisk walk to get your heart rate up, and sweat it out.

You should also consider cutting out dairy. Dairy is the only food product that directly causes pimples โ€“ and blackheads.

Take a zinc supplement

Zinc is good for repairing and caring for your skin. Your skin will thank you.

And make sure to get your oil! Gladly from fish, but also from nuts and seeds.

Olive oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil and all the other wonderful oils โ€“ which also taste great โ€“ are really good for you, and help your body run smoothly from the inside.

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