This is how you fight blackheads

Are you struggling with annoying blackheads? Then maybe you doing something wrong! Avoid these mistakes and fight your blackheads with the right skin care!

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Author Mads Timmermann

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Question: “This is how you fight blackheads”

Hi Mads and Danish Skin Care!

I see many young people recommend a facial cleaner that will “suck” blackheads away. Now I don’t know what I should believe, but I do not want to hurt my skin, or spend money on something that does not work. Do you think it is worth a try? And is it trustworthy? In addition, there is also a facial brush, what do you think about it? Would the facial brush, be better at cleansing my face? I’m always so tempted …

I hope my questions makes sense :) BTW your skin care products, is always on my wishlist every christmas! : D

Lots of love


Answer to: “This is how you fight blackheads”

Hello Maria

A vacuum cleaner for blackheads… It sounds like some crazy invention! You can not just suck blackheads out of your skin – just like you can not fix problems like blackheads with a face mask. Or remove blackheads by squeezing them (BTW: Never squeeze blackheads!)

Blackheads occur due to an overproduction of skin fat in the skin. And you can not stop this overproduction by just removing one blackhead.

Combating skin problems requires daily treatment – and you should actually be HAPPY about your overproduction of skin fat. Or at least be happy about the extra production of skin fat … Because it is also this skin fat that helps make your skin stretchy and elastic (in other words, it counteract wrinkles).

But the blackheads is of course really frustrating – but they can easily (and most effectively) be treated with a daily skin care series with salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is one of the absolute best ingredients for cleansing the skin’s pores. If you do it daily, you will completely avoid clogging… In other words, you will not see the clogging, but you will still have the pleasure of having an overproduction of skin fat! :-) And you should, as I said before, be happy about that. :-)

 – Less wrinkles in the future to think about, isn’t it great?

You will definitely be very happy to get started with my Perfect Skin Power Treat, which contains salicylic acid.

– You’ll find the Perfect Skin Power Treat here:

Also just to comment on your “I am always so tempted” comment, which I can easily understand – my advice to you is – if you are thinking it “sounds too easy” or it “sounds too good” … then it probably is. There is no quick solution if you want to nourish, care and treat your skin. And no, you can not suck (or vacuum) blackheads away – they require daily treatment – just as you need to eat healthy every day if you want a healthy body.

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