Blemishes on the back

Remove pimples on your back and acne on your back with advice and tips from Danish Skin Care. Free Guide on how to remove pimples on your back

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Question: “Blemishes on the back”

Hi Mads,

I have a quick question. I read on your site that if you have acne/blemishes on your back, you have to treat it pretty much the same way as on your face. But I think it’s difficult to find products for the body.

Can you use the same products on your back/body as you use on your face?

Answer to: “Blemishes on the back”

Hi Ninna,

I know it is difficult to treat the skin on your back – but the skin is the same all over your body and acne should be treated the exact same way.

Which is why you can certainly use the same products on your body, as you use on your face.

Products for the face are usually filled with more ingredients, since the skin on your face is typically subjected to more environmental problems like sunlight, etc.

Have a nice day!

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