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Greasy T- zone – Dry skin after cleansing

Hi Mads,

I have acne in my “T-zone” and a lot of whiteheads around my chin area. My question is now: You recommend a peeling cleanser with aha or bha. My problem is that my skin is normally greasy (as in shiny), but after I cleanse and/or peel it, it becomes dry, so I feel that I need a moisturizer.

What do I do in this case, can I use a crème afterwards?

I use the skincare line for acne from Matas – is the reason why my skin feeling dry after using the products be because they are too harsh for my skin??

Best from Martin


Dear Martin,

Thank you so much for your email and your question.

If you are using skincare products that give you dry and irritated skin, you should stop using these products.

Even if you have greasy skin, a cleansing product should never have a drying effect, there are many myths regarding this.

For example, try Clean Skin Face Wash, which is a mild cleanser.

Have a fantastic day!

Mads Timmermann
Mads Timmermann

Expert in beautiful skin and founder of Danish Skin Care

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