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Sunscreen and make-up

Hi Mads,

I have a question regarding sunscreen and make-up. I wear foundation and powder every day. But what do I do when I have to apply sunscreen? Should I avoid the make-up or is it ok if I don’t use sunscreen? I know that the sun is damaging to our skin. So I don’t really know what to do.

I hope you can help. Br,


Hi Simge,

Thank you so much for your very current question.

Sunscreen is important definitely and you should go all out with sun protection.

That means that you should use a crème during the day with sunscreen (have you seen my Perfect Skin Day Protector with sunscreen) and on top of the sunscreen you can use your foundation/powder with sunscreen.

This way you will have a little extra protection and you can apply extra sunscreen during the day.

Mads Timmermann
Mads Timmermann

Expert in beautiful skin and founder of Danish Skin Care

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