Bumps on my upper arms

Keratosis pilaris is bumps on the upper arms or elsewhere. Get advice to treat keratosis pilaris here with Danish Skin Care

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Question: “Bumps on my upper arms”

Dear Mads,

How wonderful to “discover” your web site! I’ve have looked over the many questions and answers, but I don’t think it gave me exactly what I needed.

I have bumps on my upper arms and I was thinking and was told that it was probably whiteheads. But I can read in your line of questions and answers on this topic that whiteheads are difficult to “press”. But my bumps are not that at all – and they are not blemishes either. They are little bulges in the skin that are not different in colour than the rest of my skin. But what comes out of them is white. They are not sore. I also have small red bumps in a cluster on each arm – like a change in colour, so not bulges. These red bumps I also have on my buttocks, where I often will have sore bumps and small blemishes.

Both are a real nuisance to me and so I really hope that you can help me. I’m sorry for my rather disgusting question ;-)


Answer to: “Bumps on my upper arms”

Dear Mette,

Thank you for your question!

What you are battling is most likely a genetic skin disease called keratosis pilaris.

These uneven, rough spots are clogged pores where the skin cells have become hardened inside the pores and so inflammation appears.

Unfortunately, there is no accessible cure or universally effective treatment.

Exfoliation of the skin is on the top of the list over treatments and Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) can help exfoliate the skin cells. For example, try Perfect Skin Power Treat.

Remember that continued use of the product will help keep the keratosis pilaris under control. If you stop using products that have been proven effective, the problem will return.

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