Clindoxyl - prescription drugs for treating pimples and blemished skin

There are a lot of different prescription drugs for severe cases of acne, learn more about them here, and get to know all the pros and cons.

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Question: “Clindoxyl - prescription drugs for treating pimples and blemished skin”

Hi Mads

I hope you can help me, because I’m a little lost. I am 26 years old and have been bothered with pimples and blemished skin since my teens. I’ve never had a lot of pimples. I has never been like acne. Not even when I was a teenager I had a lot of pimples, but I’ve always had a few and they really annoy me.

It’s hards to cover with makeup and the pimples always come just when I think my skin is getting pretty.

I talked to my doctor the last time I was with her and she gave me a prescription for Clindoxyl. But then I had a talk with a friend who had suffered with many many pimples. She has been on Clindoxyl and it did not help her, it only dried out her skin. She then recommended your Danish Skin Care skin care series, which has helped her very much. She really had many pimples a few years ago but now she have a nice skin, so Danish Skin Care has really helped her.

So my problem is, shouldn’t Clindoxyl work better? Clindoxyl is a medicine for pimples, which requires a doctor to receive a prescription for the medicine. Danish Skin Care is just skin care.

I hope you will answer my questions and guide me in choosing Clindoxyl or Danish Skin Care – without just trying to sell me your products.

I just want what’s best and works fast :-)

Looking forward to hearing you reply :-)


Answer to: “Clindoxyl - prescription drugs for treating pimples and blemished skin”

Hi Signe

Let me quickly just say – so I remember it – please greet your friend and thank her many times for her recommendation of Danish Skin Care :-)

It’s amazing to hear that my products have helped your friend with her pimples. Really nice to hear! Finally, you must remember to compliment her nice skin – the best prof of her improvements is certainly when your friends start complimenting one’s beautiful skin. It can make you quite high and happy:-D I remember it all too well when I started to get rid of my pimples and family, friends and acquaintances suddenly began to compliment my beautiful pimple-free skin :-D It was amazing!

And you can think I’d like to answer you questions. At least I can try to describe what Clindoxyl is and how it works. After all, you’ve put me a bit of a task by not just recommending Danish Skin Care … despite knowing it works. And you have your friend’s proof of that too ;-)

Joking aside! You are completely right! Danish Skin Care is “just” skincare – but it is also a lot more then just that. All Danish Skin Care products have been created from what research has shown to eliminate pimples and cure unclean skin. It is the same researchers who are researching to make drugs for the treatment of pimples.

In short, I’ve removed all ingredients that causes irritation from my products. Conversely, I have stuffed the products with a lot of different incredible ingredients, which have a positive effect on the treatment of pimples.

Take note that there is many different good ingredients. Not just one good ingredient in Danish Skin Care skin care series.

At the same time, I fill my products with a wide range of ingredients that help to care, heal, calm and rebuild the skin. Just as I have filled the products with ingredients the skin needs on a daily basis to be healthy.

So you can look at the Danish Skin Care skin care series both as a vitamin pill, which will ensure the skin has all it needs to have a healthy immune system. You can also look at the Danish Skin Care skincare series as an effective treatment series for pimples, acne and unclean skin. And you can look at the Danish Skin Care skin care series as a tool for a host of other common issues that we all struggle with in connection to pimples, acne and blemished skin. Problems such as scars, redness and sores in the skin – or just normal daily problems such as wrinkles, sad and gray skin as well as sun damage and pigment changes.

So the Danish Skin Care skin care series is not now “just” skin care. It’s honest and really amazing skin care, just like skin care should be :-D

But back to Clindoxyl. Clindoxyl is a prescription drug for treating pimples. It is a combination drug which contains two good ingredients for treating pimples.

Here I have to say that Danish Skin Care skincare products contain far more than just two ingredients for the treatment of pimples.

The two ingredients that Clindoxyl contains, which works to fight pimples, is Clindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide – which inhibit bacterial growth and dissolve blackheads, respectively.

Like skincare, Clindoxyl is a local treatment. Unlike a number of other drugs that affect the entire body – such as Medicine in pill form affects the entire body.

That is, Clindoxyl can only treat the areas of the body that are exposed to acne and pimples. So, you can just use Clindoxyl in your face, back, chest or the like – just as you can use skin care on some areas of the body.

Clindoxyl is mainly administered to people with mild to moderate acne breakouts.

Clindoxyl is a gel that is applied directly to the exposed areas once a day before bedtime. It must not be used around the eyes, mucous membranes or on open wounds / injuries.


With Clindoxyl, it looks the same as with the vast majority of drugs. People react differently. This is, of course, also the case with Clindoxyl. Some people see an improvement on their skin and pimples already after a few days while others will don’t see or feel any difference at all.


No, Clindoxyl is by no means harmful – this is really a very mild product for the treatment of pimples.

But it is medicine and like all medicines it is associated with a number of side effects when using it. The most common side effects of Clindoxyl are dry, red, bald and irritated skin. These symptoms can usually be remedied with a break from Clindoxyl. Should you experience a deterioration and soddenly have more acne outbreak you should stop using it immediately as it is not intended that any treatment of pimples should aggravate or cause even more breakouts of pimples. Nor should any skin care product!

You should also stop using Clindoxyl if your skin is irritated, becomes violently red, or you experience an allergic reaction.

In addition, it is important to be aware that Clindoxyl treatment makes the skin very thin and photosensitive and therefore your skin does not tolerate the sun, solarium or sunlight! In any way!

You should therefore keep yourself from sunbathing, using the solarium and taking on the sunshine when you are in treatment with Clindoxyl – just as you should minimize your time in the sun to an absolute minimum.


Firstly, it is important to wash the face or exposed area thoroughly so that your skin is ready for the treatment. In addition, Perfect Skin Face Wash can be a very good product to clean your skin completely.

Also, be sure to remove all makeup if you are using makeup.

When you have dried the skin, apply a thick layer of Clindoxyl throughout the exposed area. It is important to lubricate the entire area. This should be done once a day. Before bedtime is the most obvious choice, so the cream are allowed to work on the skin.


First, talk to your doctor and make him write a recipe for you. He can also advise you on the product. Then you can buy the product at the pharmacy.


Now you asked for the most effective treatment so you can quickly get rid of all your pimples. So you can get a smooth and nice skin – just like your girlfriend :-)

If you want my advice, I would not recommend Clindoxyl because there are far better products on the market. From what you have read now, you also understood that Clindoxyl is a very mild product that can be used for very mild cases of acne.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, Clindoxyl contains only two ingredients – Clindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide – that help treat pimples. The Danish Skin Care skincare series contains far more ingredients for the treatment of pimples.

Well, Danish Skin Care products do not contain either Clindamycin or Benzoyl Peroxide, but Clindamycin is also not a good ingredient for the treatment of pimples. And furthermore, I can add that Clindoxyl contains really little of both Clindamycin and Benzoyl peroxide, but it can not contain more because the product is just a combination drug and you would otherwise really dry out you skin completely.

Nevertheless, if you really want the best treatment with Clindoxyl, I would strongly recommend you to combine it with all the many good ingredients from my Danish Skin Care skin care series – or from another good skin care series. So you are not only treating you skin with clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide but you also treat your skin with many more ingredients that helps remove and prevent pimples. Exactly what you get from good skin care products, as you get a wide range of soothing ingredients as well as skin healing and repairing ingredients.

If you want to use Clindoxyl with the Danish Skin Care skin care series, your routine should be like this:


Perfect Skin Face Wash
Perfect Skin Power Treat
Perfect Skin Day Protector


Perfect Skin Face Wash
Perfect Skin Moisturizer

So basically, instead of just recommending you either, then I would definitely recommend you to use both. However, I would recommend that you to start using Danish Skin Care skincare series for a couple of months and then later add Clindoxyl to the treatment. This way you can see and feel the improvements you with time will get from my Danish Skin Care skincare series.

And who knows, maybe you get the result you seek, and completely avoid using Clindoxyl – I imagine this is what will happen if you follow my advice! :-D

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