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Side effects of Clindoqyl Daily for pimples, blemishes and acne. Find out about Clindoxyl side effects disappear!

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Question: “Clindoxyl – side effects”

Hi mads :-)

I’m 14 and I just went to see the doctor a couple of days ago and got a prescription for clindoxyl. Just before I go to bed, I put a very thin layer on my skin where I have blemishes and such. After a couple of hours I wake up, because my skin is itching and is bright red where I put on the clindoxyl.

I’ve followed the instructions 100%!! In the instructions, it says something in the section about side effects that it’s normal for the skin to become red and feel itchy, but will it be like that throughout the treatment? I that case, I wanna go up to him to get something that will make me be able to go to school and be able to sleep at night!

Hope you can help me :-)


Answer to: “Clindoxyl – side effects”

Dear Sille,

Thank you so much for your question about side effects when using Clindoxyl.

As you have found out yourself, one of the side effects with Clindoxyl is described as having red and itching skin. It is important that you only use a very thin layer in the beginning and maybe even only use it every other day.

I want to point out that if you skin is very red and you wake up during the night, it could be an allergic reaction. There are probably some of the active ingredients in Clindoxyl that you have no tolerance for. For example, Clindoxyl contain the ingredients benzoyl peroxide, which some people are allergic to. But Clindoxyl also contains other ingredients, so it is difficult to determine, which ingredient you are reacting to.

I would recommend you to buy Basiron 5% from the pharmacy. Basiron also contains benzoyl peroxide, which is considered as a very effective ingredient when battling acne bacteria. Use Basiron every other night in a thin layer. You might react to it in the beginning with dryness and redness, but no so bad so that you will not be able to sleep at night.

Please, get back to me when you have tried the Basiron.

I wish you a lovely day!

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