Collagen production

Skin care products with collagen advertises and promises to remove wrinkles. Can skin with collagen really remove wrinkles? Learn the truth here

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Question: “Collagen production”

Hi Mads,

What is your experience with collagen hydrolyzate that supposedly should be especially good for your skin, hair and nails?


Answer to: “Collagen production”

Hi Kristina,

Collagen is amazing, but it is not something that you can just put in skincare products and so it will be obtained in your body. Collagen is something that your skin “builds” itself and you can make it do it like this:

  • Do not use products with perfume and other irritating ingredients (this will break down the natural collagen in your skin).
  • Use a BHA product, since BHA will get the collagen production started. This could be Perfect Skin Power Treat

Be careful to believe in products containing collagen. It will never be obtained and have the effect of “the collagen in your skin”.

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