Combination skin and sun protection

Sunscreens are available in many different products. Few have advice on choosing sunscreen for oily and combination skin

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Question: “Combination skin and sun protection”

Hi again Mads!

Now I have been reading through your “cure for acne”, as well as your product list. I sit with a simple question remains: I have a very, very oily T-zone, but dry cheeks / jaws.

I see that you recommend that you do not use moisturizer when you have oily skin, but what about the dry areas?

I have always been beaten over the head with that one MUST use moisturizer, so it’s pretty new to me. But now I have the last two days just used moisturizer on the dry areas, and voila: my skin is not as oily!

But I still want to protect my skin from the sun – how do I do it? (without having to job integrating it in my make-up). Is there perhaps a good fugtighedsgel / toner that can protect my skin from the sun?

Br, Rikke

Answer to: “Combination skin and sun protection”

Dear Rikke

GOOD question!

If you have oily skin, then do not use fat products in these areas. Your skin produce well enough and even too much fat by itself.

If you have oily areas while dry areas then do exactly as you do, use fatter products in the dry areas and very light products on the oily areas.

Of course you must protect your skin from the sun‘s harmful rays. And this can easily be done by using a powder with sunscreen or light foundation with sunscreen, as they are designed to be on top of your skin.

Have a great weekend!

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