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Do you have neither dry nor oily skin? Is your skin type combination?

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Combination skin โ€“ also known as normal skin

Do you experience that your skin is dry during the day, while at the same time shiny in your t-zone โ€“ or maybe the skin around your nose gets oily during the day? These different combinations can signal that you have normal or combination skin.

3 mistakes most people with combination skin make

People might make the most mistakes when it comes to combination skin. Here are 3 of the biggest:

  1. Foregoing face cream
    One big mistake many with combination skin make is not using face cream. Maybe you think your skin doesnโ€™t feel dry, or need moisture. However, this does not mean that you should forego using cream, since the cream will help treat and care for your skin.
  2. Not using skin care
    A lot of people with normal or combination skin choose to forego skin care entirely. This is a big mistake. Itโ€™s important to care for your skin correctly, even if you donโ€™t experience skin problems today.
  3. Forgetting sun protection
    If you have naturally good skin, you can easily forget to take care of your skin. Sun protection helps do this! But itโ€™s a huge mistake to forget sun protection, since the sun can do great damage to your skin, if you donโ€™t protect it well.

Those were 3 mistakes when it comes to combination skin โ€“ also known as normal skin. The biggest ones are:

The biggest mistake about combination skin โ€“ also called normal skin โ€“ is thinking that combination skin exists, and investing a lot of money in products for combination skin. Combination skin is not a skin type, but a middle ground between dry and oily skin. Of course you can have both dry and oily skin, but youโ€™ll always have one more than the other.

So! Always choose skin care after what your skin feels like most! Dry or oily!

Problems with combination skin

The problem with treating skin with products specially made for combination skin, is that you give your skin neither a lot nor a little moisture. So you end up treating your skin halfway. Which is neither good nor bad. Everyone has both dry and oily skin, but we all experience more of one.

Mistreatment with skin care for combination skin.

The biggest issue with skin care for combination skin is that you quickly run the risk of drying out your skin, if your skin is mostly dry. On the other hand, if your skin is mostly oily, you can make your skin very oily. Skin care for combination doesnโ€™t solve dry or oily skin โ€“ and you will always be more oily or more dry.

This is how you treat combination skin

Always start by finding out whether your skin is mostly dry or mostly oily. Think of how your skin has been throughout the day โ€“ and optimally within the past 3 days.

  1. Mostly dry skin?
    Do you experience mostly dry skin? Maybe your skin feels tight or has been flaky. Maybe your skin has been feeling like it lacks moisture. In this case, you should choose skin care for dry skin.
  2. Mostly oily skin?
    Do you experience mostly oily skin? Maybe your skin has felt sticky or shiny. Then you should choose skin care for oily skin.
  3. Forget about combination skin
    Everyone gets both dry and oily skin once in a while. Most importantly, you should aim to treat the skin type that you fit most of the time. You will always be either mostly dry or mostly oily โ€“ sometimes both, the same day, but always one more than the other. Combination skin requires that you change your skin care from dry to oily from time to time โ€“ and vice versa.
  4. Remember that skin types can change
    Maybe your skin is mostly dry at the moment. The skinโ€™s reaction to things like seasons can vary from person to person. Therefore, choose skin care for your current skin type and change it intermittently depending on need.

Forget the perception of combination skin. Instead, start caring for your actual skin type โ€“ either dry or oily โ€“ and get beautiful skin!

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Skin care is much more than skin type

Good skin care is first and foremost about getting vitamins, minerals, anti-aging and sun protection for your skin.

When it comes down to it, good skin care is about much more than beauty products. Actually, there is a lot you can do โ€“ other than using skin care โ€“ to get great, beautiful skin.

Eat your way to pretty skin

Pizza, chips, candy, soda and unhealthy foods are not good for you or your skin. If you want nice skin, then focus on getting lots of veggies and healthy foods. This will do wonders for your skin!

Fitness is a must!

Exercise is not only good for fitting you into your pants or keeping you in shape. Exercise also has an incredibly great effect on your skin. When you get your heart rate up, you improve your blood circulation, which cleans out your system โ€“ and your skin loves that! Sweat helps get rid of both dry and oily skin, so itโ€™s just getting started exercising!

Smile at the world

Beauty products and skin care do a lot for your skin. But at the bottom line, beauty comes from within, and shines through your attitude. Focus on smiling and being happy, rather than brooding over things too much. This is guaranteed to give you a fantastic disposition. Smiling and laughter release endorphins throughout your body, which give you a joyous feeling, which is reflected in your attitude. So smile away and be happy โ€“ itโ€™s free!

Ask the experts!

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