Cosmetologist and chemicals

Dangerous chemicals and chemicals in skin care & skin care products? How do you avoid injuries as a beautician or cosmetology?

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Question: “Cosmetologist and chemicals”

hi mads :-)

Are there chemicals in the products that can be damaging for your health? And how can you make sure that you don’t get physical damages as a cosmetologist?


Answer to: “Cosmetologist and chemicals”

Dear Simone,

I thank you for your question regarding working as a cosmetologist.

Unfortunately, there are many skincare products on the market. Many of these products contain so many ingredients, that it can be damaging for the skin. Also, there are products that are 100% natural and some that are 100% chemical. But I will say that both chemical and natural products can be damaging for your skin.
Having said that, I must stress that surely there are also great products on the market. Products that protect the skin and remedies several types of skin problems and skin disorders. But the fact is, that you nearly need a degree in chemistry to determine, which products that are good for your skin and which ones that are not.

To make sure that you do not experiences any damages as a cosmetologist, it is all about having the correct equipment. A clinician chair that is adjustable as well as a clinician table that is also adjustable. Since some working postures can be monotonous, I would recommend that you do some stretching and strength exercises during the day (for example push-ups).

I hope you can use my answer and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas!

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