Dairy products and acne

Does milk causes acne, pimples and blemishes or is it a myth that dairy products provide pimples? Provides all kinds of milk acne and blemishes?

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Question: โ€œDairy products and acneโ€

Hi Mads. I have a small thing that I want to ask you, if itโ€™s ok, I want to know if not eating/drinking dairy products will help improve my acne? Itโ€™s just because Cheasy Youghurt is very healthy to eat in the morning?

Br, Louise

Answer to: โ€œDairy products and acneโ€

Dear Louise,

We drink a lot of milk in Denmark, in fact the average Danish consumption of dairy products are among the highest in the world. Why do we Danes not worry about the rather high occurrence of osteoporosis in this country despite the high level of consumption of dairy products? Why do we believe that milk is good for you, when more and more people feel even better with a diet without milk?

Regardingย acne and blemishes, I would always recommend that you remove all cowโ€™s milk products from your diet. You should try it for 1 month and then see if it has an effect on the skin.

Milk contains healthy bacteria for the body, but also a large amount of hormones, which should be avoid if you are suffering from acne and blemishes.

I think that you should remove cowโ€™s milk products from your diet and see what effect it will have on your skin.

I hope you have a very lovely day!

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