Beautiful skin without acne

Hi! My name is Mads Timmermann. My mission is to help you to have beautiful skin, great charisma, and to put a smile on your face :-)

For years I struggled with severe acne (pimples), eczema and rashes. I have visited countless beauticians, tested hundreds of skincare products – in all price ranges – and talked to many dermatologists. Not to mention the incredible number of tips and advice I have tested.

Nothing helped – never for a long time, anyway. And never to my satisfaction.

So, I took the matter into my own hands. I became educated as a  dermatologist and buried myself in research on skin, pimples, and skin problems.

– And I solved my skin problems.

Mads Timmermanns experiences with acne, led him to create Danish Skin Care.
The founder of Danish Skin Care and expert in beautiful skin - Mads Timmermann

It was great to finally be free of acne! Especially because my friends, girlfriends, and family were suddenly complimenting my skin – rather than coming up with advice for treatments.

Since then I have helped thousands of others to clear their skin. And my mission today is to help, advise, and guide as many as possible in what works and what does not.

And I also want to help you!

The story of Danish Skin Care

The story of Danish Skin Care is the story of joy, great charisma, and beautiful, perfect skin. The story begins several decades ago, although we are a young company that started in 2011. The story should almost begin with “once upon a time”, like all good fairy tales …

The ugly duckling

The story of Danish Skin Care is in fact a true adventure, almost like The Ugly Duckling, starting with Mads Timmermann. From his early teens, Mads struggled with acne, rashes, and eczema.

Mads Timmermanns experiences with acne, led him to create Danish Skin Care.
Mads Timmermanns experiences with acne, led him to create Danish Skin Care.

On september 1, 2008 …

After finally solving his own skin problems, Mads set out to help others in the same situation. On September 1, 2008 Mads Timmermann launched, a website that aimed to inspire others to have beautiful skin, a healthy body, and great joy. The website featured guidance for skin care and aimed to dispel myths about how to treat skin problems.

For two years Mads counseled and advised hundreds of women, men, girls, and boys to have a beautiful appearance, a healthier body, and great charisma.

By doing this, Mads realized that many consumers are confused about the many skin-care products and routines and the misleading advice they might have heard about skin care.

No unnecessary products

Based on this knowledge, Mads set out to develop a skin-care line that made it easy and efficient to care for your skin. No unnecessary products. No perfume. No dyes. No annoying and harmful ingredients.

– Only a wide range of effective ingredients proven to help you have beautiful and perfect skin.

In developing his skin-care products, it was very important to Mads to assemble the best possible care in one group of products,  thereby  solving not just one problem, but many.. Most important of all, to prevent and reduce the formation of new skin problems.

All in one skin-care series

With Danish Skin Care you get perfect skin care for treating pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and acne. You get anti-aging, sun protection, treatment of scars and redness – all rolled into one skin-care line.


Today, simple and effective skin care remains a major part of Danish Skin Care’s mission. All products are of course still 100% free of perfumes, dyes, and irritating ingredients!

Experience over the years, new research, and demand for quick results has inspired Danish Skin Care to put its 360-degree focus on beauty.

Our vision: More than just skin care

Skin care is not merely about the right cream for quick results, and beauty is certainly much more than simply skin care. Skin care, diet, exercise, and mindset are the four cornerstones for a healthy body, beautiful skin, and GREAT charisma.

Danish Skin Care is working today in all four areas for faster results and beautiful and perfect skin.

How our world-class skin care products work

Step 1 (day and night)

Use a mild cleansing product

The skin sloughs dead skin cells every day so that new and fresh skin cells can surface. At the same time, your skin has to protect itself from outside influences like pollution and make up.

Everyday cleansing is an important factor in maintaining the skin as healthy and clean.

Step 2 (day and/or night)

Remove dead skin cells

Apart from smoothing the surface of the skin, making it look more fresh and healthy, exfoliating every day will increase collagen production, which reduces signs of aging, discolorations, blemishes, and blackheads.

Step 3 (night)

Protect and rebuild

Antioxidants (E and A vitamins and green tea) inhibit damage from free radicals. The moisturizing ingredients bind the moisture in the skin. Cell reparative A vitamin makes skin cells act more healthy and younger and allantoin calms the skin.

Step 3 (day)

Protect with sunscreen

Sunlight makes the skin lose its elasticity, which means that we get premature wrinkles. Even on a gloomy winter day we are affected by the dangerous UV light.

It is important to always use sunscreen (SPF), every day.