Discoloration and Sun Damage

Discoloration, hyperpigmentation and sun damage can be treated!

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Author Mads Timmermann

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Frustrating and ugly skin problems โ€“ but relatively easy to treat!

Many people mistakenly believe that discoloration, sun damage and hyperpigmentation are impossible or very difficult to treat. Luckily, this is not true! Very few people tackle treatment correctly, and because of this they donโ€™t get the desired result. Read this guide and find out how to treat discoloration, sun damage and hyperpigmentation correctly.

5 mistakes most people with discoloration and sun damage make

Discoloration, hyperpigmentation and sun damage can be treated! However, the problem is most often treated incorrectly โ€“ here are 5 typical mistakes:

  1. Using diamond microdermabrasion and scrubs
    Discoloration and sun damage are perceived by many as big skin problems, that require harsh and extreme treatment. So many people start using scrubs and microdermabrasions. This is a big mistake! Discoloration and sun damage are in most cases superficial problems, that can be easily treated.
  2. Using laser treatments for discoloration
    A lot of people with discoloration and sun damage seek help with doctors or dermatologists, wanting laser treatments. Laser treatment can be effective against discoloration, but lasers are a very extreme treatment on the skin. Which is why it is a good idea to try some milder treatment methods first, before throwing yourself into laser treatment.
  3. Not using sunscreen
    All sun damage, as well as most discoloration are due to sun exposure. Therefore, sunscreen is one of the best weapons in the fight against discoloration and sun damage. Sunscreen is also important to remember, once the damage is done, to protect your skin from any further damage.
  4. Misunderstanding sun protection
    The biggest mistake most people make about discoloration and sun damage, is misunderstanding the use of sunscreen. Many mistakenly believe that sunscreen is something you only need to use in summer. Many also think that sunscreen needs to be SPF 50 to protect the skin. This is not the case! SPF 15 is actually the best sunscreen, when it is used correctly, daily and 365 days a year.
  5. Forgetting about UVA protection
    Sunscreen with a strength of SPF 15 is more than enough, and much less harmful to skin. However, most people forget UVA protection. SPF does not indicate whether or not a sunscreen contains protection against UVA rays. The sunโ€™s UVA rays are just the ones that cause sun damage, hyperpigmentation and discoloration. It is also the UVA rays that cause skin cancer, wrinkles and other ailments.

Those were 5 mistakes many with discoloration and sun damage make. However, in the fight against sun damage and discoloration, the dumbest mistakes are:

  • Sunbathing. Sun exposure is a direct cause of sun damage and discoloration.
  • Using tanning beds. Tanning beds are just as harmful as natural sun exposure.
  • Forgetting sunscreen. Sunscreen is necessary 365 days a year!

Avoiding sun damage and discoloration โ€“ and avoiding making the problem worse โ€“ are clearly the first steps on the road to beautiful skin.

Challenges with discoloration and sun damage

The biggest challenge in treating discoloration and sun damage is protecting new, good skin. Likewise, knowledge of correct skin protection, so that you forward can avoid sun damage and discolorations again.

Treating discoloration and sun damage is one thing, which is not difficult. However, avoiding discoloration and sun damage again is an entirely different story. Once you have gotten discoloration, the risk of new discoloration is much higher.

How to treat discoloration and sun damage

Discoloration and sun damage are relatively easy to treat, despite the claims of many skin care companies and cosmetologists that it is difficult. Discoloration and sun damage are superficial problems, so it is not difficult at all to treat them.

  1. Salicylic acid
    In the fight against discoloration and sun damage, salicylic acid is your new best friend. It is a wonder drug, that can help you battle discoloration.
  2. Vitamin A
    Scars and discoloration are almost the same โ€“ discolorations are only superficial. Vitamin A is one of the best ingredients against scars, and it is just as good against discoloration.
  3. Vitamin E
    This is an indispensable ingredient when your skin needs to be repaired from discoloration and sun damage, and should surely be a part of your skin care.
  4. Diversity
    Treatment of discoloration and sun damage requires more than just one good ingredient. Therefore, make sure to always look for a combination of many good ingredients that help with discoloration and sun damage.
  5. Sun protection
    The most important thing in the fight against discoloration and sun damage is to protect your skin, to prevent possible new discoloration. For this purpose, a sunscreen with SPF 15, and both UVA and UVB protection, is your best tool.

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Important to remember:

Discoloration and sun damage wonโ€™t go away by themselves!

You will not grow out of discoloration and sun damage. And once you have hyperpigmentation, there is a bigger risk that you will get more.

Skin care can in most cases resolve the problem. Easily and simply. It only takes the right treatment and most importantly โ€“ the right sun protection.

You can also do a lot with nutrition!

Focus on eating a healthy and balanced diet โ€“ especially one that contains lots of veggies โ€“ and youโ€™ll see your skin start to glow, you will feel better overall, and discolorations can be minimized.

Supplements for discolorations

When it comes to nutritional supplements, a mineral supplement of zinc can be a good idea. However, it is always best to get your vitamins and minerals from a healthy, balanced diet.

Sweat and an active lifestyle fight discoloration

When you get your heart rate up and sweat, you improve your blood circulation. This helps start up all processes and systems in your body, which means that your skin cells regenerate. This helps against discoloration.

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