Do you have to use toner?

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Question: “Do you have to use toner?”

Hi Mads,

Really good site that you’ve created – and great with a product list.

I’m having doubts about how often I need to cleanse my face and use toner?

I have combination skin, greasy t zone and dry cheeks. I have acne, a tendency for deep spots along the cheek bone and jaw line and lots of blackheads on my nose and chin, etc.

I’m 28 and really sick of my teenage face.

I ‘ve cleansed every morning with Dauphin cleanser, toner and crème, but recently I met a Seacret sales clerk who naturally sold me their mud mask (which is really good), but the sales clerk said that I shouldn’t use toner or cleanser daily?

I’m really frustrated and don’t know what to do now? (I’ve used Clinique in the past, but stopped because of the content of alcohol, Dermologica, but didn’t think it worked properly, have considered Ole H, but the price?!?)

I hope you have time and the possibility to answer.

Sincerely and with wishes for a great weekend from Stinne.

Answer to: “Do you have to use toner?”

Hi Stinne,

It is a really good idea to cleanse your face once in the morning and evening to remove make-up, dirt, grime and dead skin cells – remember to use a mild cleansing product.

The choice of toner can be very individual. Because a toner can apply the same nurturing ingredients as a crème/lotion/gel can give your skin.

Toner is good if you have very greasy skin and so do not really need to apply any lotion/crème. And so, you can use a toner because the consistency is not as “heavy” as that of a crème.

I hope you can use my answer.

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