Dry chapped lips

Chapped lips, dry lips and cracked lips. How to deal with dry lips the best? Get tips here for treating dry lips

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Question: โ€œDry chapped lipsโ€

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What can I do about dry lips in winter?

Answer to: โ€œDry chapped lipsโ€

The skin on our lips is extremely thin, in fact so thin that you can see the thousands of blood vessels under the skin โ€“ this is the reason that our lips are red. Conversely, our lips also visible blue when extremely cold causes the blood vessels lips shut off the oxygen flow .

The lips have no sebaceous glands and sweat glands, making the water loss in the lip skin, three to ten times higher than the skin on the rest of the face and body .

The biggest reason for dry chapped lips is a change in climate, such as in winter, or with high humidity inside the house.

If your lips crack in the corner of the mouth, then it could be evidence of vitamin B2 and/or vitamin B6 deficiency. The cause may also be a yeast infection, particularly diabetics are particularly prone .

Extremely chapped lips is a sign of too much vitamin A, possibly in connection withย Isotretinoin (pill cure for acne)ย or strong vitamin supplements.

Remember sunscreen for lips

Because the lips is extremely thin and extra sensitive skin, the sunโ€™s UV rays will cause dry lips and can cause skin cancer (many cases of skin cancer are on the lips).

Daily use of a lip product with SPF 15 is important โ€“ even if itโ€™s cloudy.

Avoid irritation on the lips

Some people love the tingling or โ€œswellingโ€ effect, as some lip products can provide. However, this is a clear sign of irritation, which will break the skin and provide extra dry lips.

Ingredients such as menthol, eucalyptus, camphor, lemon, peppermint and other fragrances should never be in a lip balm, lip product โ€“ or any other skin care products, for that matter.

Protect your lips at night

Since you do neither eat or drink when you sleep, it can be a perfect good idea to lubricate an extra thickย moisturizing lip productย on your lips before going to bed. This could be:ย Smooth Lips Balm

Do not lick lips

Dry lips are uncomfortable and many people may therefore fall into the trap where they lick their lips repeatedly.

This method will cause the lips to feel better for a brief moment, but subsequently your lips will still dry. The reason for this encouraged the mouthโ€™s saliva will destroy the lips thin layer of skin.

Lip balm addiction

The skin on the lips can not be dependent on using a well-formulated lip balm brand just like our digestion is not dependent on broccoli.

As long as you use a well-formulated lip balm without irritating ingredients, it will alleviate the problem of dry and chapped lips.

Have a nice day !

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