Dry skin and acne

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Question: โ€œDry skin and acneโ€

Hi Mads,

First of all, thank you for creating such a helpful web site!
My skin has improved so much, since I started using mild products I can only thank you for that!

But I still have a problem. I have really dry skin and, at the same time, acne. My question is, should I still use a moisturizer that contains oil? I would be really happy if you could recommend a moisturizer that would add moisture to my skin without clogging the pores.

Thanks in advance!

Answer to: โ€œDry skin and acneโ€

Dear Alberte,

I am so happy that my advice has helped your skin! It just makes me happy when my recommendations really work!

Dry skin and acneย at the same time IS a real problem. Because what helps with dry skin can give you acne. And what helps with acne can give you dry skin. But you do not have to be THAT afraid of oils in your products, but you should focus more on not using products containing irritating ingredients like ethereal oils, perfume, etc. And then make sure to choose light products โ€“ often gels or light lotions.

When you have applied your products including a light moisturizer, take a little bit of for example pure olive or almond oil and apply it in a VERY thin layer on the dry parts of your face. But be careful not to use too much.

Have a super day!

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