How to avoid using old and damaged beauty products

When should you throw a skin care product out? When is your skincare outdated? What does preservation to your skin care products?

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Outdated skin care destroys your skin

Although most women use all of their skin care products in less than a year, some find oldโ€”and openโ€”productsย  in the cosmetics drawer, because they are reluctant to throw them out.

Despite the fact that skin-care products contain preservatives, you should take some simple precautions in order to avoid infection from a bacteria-filled skin-care product.

Get your skin-care products out and prepare to throw away your old makeup and skin-care products.

Different durability

The durability of your beauty products depends on several factors, including whether the products contain water (as most creams do) or not (powder, pure oils, etc.), as well as the packaging your products are packed in.

Faster decomposition

If/when your skin-care products are exposed to light, air, heat, bacteria, or high temperature change, the degradation rate will be significantly increased.

The solution to this is to always buy skin-care products in a safe package โ€”which means a pump or tubeโ€”and never a jar.

Likewise, you may want to keep your skin-care products in a closet or drawer in your bedroom, and thereby avoid the humidity and the temperature fluctuations (and exposure to direct sunlight) that occur in your bathroom.

Jar symbol

No matter how carefully you store your skin-care products, you should always adhere to the โ€œshelf-life after openingโ€ icon, which you can find by looking for a jar symbol.

For example,12 M printed inside the package means that your skin-care product can be kept for 12 months after it is opened.

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