Exfoliation and UVA

Skin care is also for men and both UVA and exfoliation with AHA or BHA is important. Get tips and advice for skin care here

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Question: “Exfoliation and UVA”

Hi Mads !

Thank you, for a great website on skin care .

Maybe I’ve always thought it was too feminine to do so much out of my look, and not least my skin. Nevertheless, I thought maybe I have a little trouble shine in the T-zone . So says my mates . I am 25

I use : Nivea Visage Refreshing Wash Gel , Body Shop Nutriganics Refreshing Toner and Matas Men Sensitive Face cream. It works really ok.

Now I’ve just seen you several times talking about peeling / exfoliation of the skin and does not need to be a cleanser. Should it be in your moisturizer ?

I can see that my moisturizer has UV filter , but it is not enough?

Sincerely , Benjamin

Answer to: “Exfoliation and UVA”

Hi Benjamin

Thank you for your mail!

Great to hear that you care for your skin. We must get away from the fact that it is feminine – and reserved for girls and women !

Think about it as, for your car to run at its best. Then you need to take care and nurture it. The same is it of course with your skin.

That you shine in the skin, is probably because your skin produce much oil. Whenyou then use a cream on top , it will just make your oily / shiny skin worse.

Try to avoid the use of cream on the places in your face where you shine a lot. Instead use your skintonic ( unless it contains alcohol as an ingredient ) , as this is a much easier form .

Exfoliation is a really good thing . Some have better success with AHA exfoliation and others with BHA exfoliant . BHA must always be the most recommendable , since it operates in the skin’s deeper layers . Try for example my Perfect Skin Power Treat

Many creams for the skin, containing AHA or BHA ingredients, but they are unfortunately all too often in a pH neutral base, which makes exfoliation (AHA / BHA) work poorly.

The best thing you can do is to choose a toner or gel with AHA or BHA, which you use during your cream (or the only). However, note that the product has a pH value between 3 and 4

UV-A filters are not the same as exfoliation, when UVA is a physical sunscreen . It’s really good that you protect your skin from the sun‘s rays.

I hope you can use my help!

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