Correct face wash - does warm water open the pores on your skin?

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Question: “Correct face wash - does warm water open the pores on your skin?”

Hey Mads

Thanks for some cool products! They are Super delicious! And very easy to use.

However, I have some questions that I hope you can confirm or deny.

When I clean my face with Perfect Skin Face Wash, should I first massage the face wash with warm water and then rinse and clean my face with cold water?

I’ve heard that hot water should help open the pores and cold water removes oil and dirt from the face and closes the pores.

Should I massage and wash my face for 3-4 minutes or just 20-30 seconds?

And also about Perfect Skin Power Treat, I just want to know. Can I benefit from using Perfect Skin Power Treat twice a day – both in the morning and evening?

My skin has really recovered and become a lot better after I started treating it with the Danish Skin Care skincare series – I have been using the series for 4 months. However, I still have a few pimples. I always get a few new pimples and I just want to hear if I could treat my skin more effectively by treating it with Perfect Skin Power Treat twice a day – or would I just over-treat the skin and thus cause more pimples?

Best regards 

Answer to: “Correct face wash - does warm water open the pores on your skin?”

Hello Anders

Thanks for all your sweet words. Its nice to hear that you are happy with my products and already see some good results :-)

And you can rest assure, of cause I’d like to help :-D I would just start by denying your question about hot and cold water. It is ALWAYS best for the skin to use lukewarm water … both warm and cold water are pretty irritating to the skin, so those kind of shock to the skin should always be minimized.

When washing with Perfect Skin Face Wash, you only need to use lukewarm water. The correct way to wash your face – is just splashing a little water on your face. Now your hands are also wet and you can spread Perfect Skin Face Wash into your hands – use 1-2 pump Perfect Skin Face Wash.

Distribute the product on the face – it should take about 10 seconds … make sure to massage (NEVER SCRUB with your hands) around your nose, eyes, forehead and cheeks. So your hands have been everywhere on your face and just massage / rub the skin :-)

Rinse your hands for soap and now take a few handful of water and splash your face repeatedly – until all the soap is gone. Dab your face dry with a towel – again, NEVER SCRUB!

In relation to Perfect Skin Power Treat, I would recommend that you use the product only once a day – very few people need 2 daily treatments … you may want to try and step up and use the product twice – but just be careful and be aware of how your skin reacts … do not over treat your skin.

However, you properly treat a blemished and unclean skin with the following routine:


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Perfect Skin Day Protector


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