Fashion Special: It's Hot Hot Hot In China (And India)

Would you like to be tanned? Just check out this guide and learn why you are NOT modern - and will NOT be tan if you want to be modern

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Today I’ll give you a very special fashion insight from the other side of the Earth.

Plus it’s time for a make-over!

Would you like to be tanned this summer?

Well then I have some absolutely BREAKING NEWS for you: It is SO LAST SEASON! (Remember, you can never quote Sex and the City too often! :-D)

If you want to be HOT HOT HOT as the biggest stars in China it is important to be WHITE. The whiter the better. It is simply THE greatest vogue.


Weeeel it’s not from TV and it’s not from fashion magazines …

Can you guess it?

No, you’ll never guess it!

It is from the sweet people in our customer service. They get some quite odd requests from customers in China. And from India too actually.

Customers obviously just use our general ordering system when they need more products, but they write and call us directly as well. With a type of question we never get from customers in Denmark (still).

They want to know if we have any products for skin whitening. Yes, you read right: They want to have skin care products that can make their skin color brighter …. ?!

Well, I know of Danes who use fake tan. (I tend to call it fake-orange. Giggles :-D). But I have never met anyone who wanted to be whiter.

When they call from China and India to hear about skin bleach products (the exact opposite of skin care products), we obviously have to disappoint them. (Something we otherwise do everything to avoid!). I would NEVER expose anyone to that. I might just bottle some bleach and sell it … Nasty! :-P

But the calls from China and India got me thinking:

Why is it so HOT to be WHITE?

– And why is it not the same in our part of the world?

And then I remembered my history lessons in school! (Yes, some of it stuck with me). Many years ago it was actually totally vogue here as well! Back then when everyone wore great white wigs and used a ton of white powder in the face.

– OK, it was QUITE disgusting, because they weren’t really into the whole thing about personal hygiene and caring for their skin. But then voila they just put on an extra layer of powder. (I don’t want to know how the skin looked underneath. Phew!)

The reason why they wanted to be white was that those who had to work were tanned from being out in the sun.

It was a loooong time before sunscreen were invented and therefore it was only the rich, who didn’t have to run around with shovels, who could avoid the sun.

To them it was super-hot to have completely white skin that looked like the finest porcelain.

It’s the same in China and India now. A light skin which is delicate and smooth as porcelain is the height of fashion.


Yep, we must make a big make-over of the IT-colors! We gotta make it HOT HOT HOT, having white skin. White is the New Black (or tan / orange I guess …)

– And we don’t need powder or wigs. All we need is nourishment, care and SUNSCREEN (plus that thing with the parasols *hint hint*).

It’s gonna be an ABSOLUTELY FABOLOUS SUMMER, and you’re gonna have the most beautiful, delicate and most porcelain-like skin. AT THE SAME TIME you’re gonna be HOT HOT HOT in China! (And India if you ever come around those parts).


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