Do you have pimples or other skin problems? Drop cow milk and get a nice skin, without acne. Milk causes pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and acne

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Babies are cute; they gurgle, use diapers, crawl and drink … milk.

Are you still a baby, just a size XXX-L?

All mammals begin their life the same way. Both animals and humans feed of breast milk. It contains exactly the nutrients Nature has determined they need.

When they are no longer babies, calves, kittens and puppies, they don’t need milk anymore.

The odd thing though is that humans – some of us – continue to drink milk (?) Well we don’t get it from our own mom (How strange would THAT be!), but from someone else’s mom (OK maybe that’s even stranger). In fact it’s not even from own species (When I see it in writing it’s actually bizarre!)

I KNOW there are very different views on milk. If a party is a little dull, just say milk is unhealthy: THAT’ll get things going! (Beware! Sometimes people start throwing things)

If you are totally crazzz about milk and you can’t imagine living without the baby-cow-food: Go wild!

BUT I’ll still tell you a bit about why you might feel better if you chose an alternative, such as rice milk.

A lot of people say that we must have milk, because it provides us with the calcium we need. If we do not get it, we end up breaking both arms and legs. Constantly!

But that’s not true. There is actually twice the amount of calcium in 100 g of almonds compared to 100 ml. low-fat milk.

– And in addition the almonds give you the super-healthy Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which totally pamper your skin. So that’s a win-win !!

A lot of people are actually intolerant to the lactose in milk. Many just don’t know it. They think it’s normal to suffer from stomach ache, diarrhea and bloating … :-(

AND THEN THERE’S YOUR SKIN! This is not just something “SOME” say. It has conclusively been proven that milk is directly related to the outbreak of pimples. Of course it doesn’t happen to everyone. Some people’s just lucky bast…! (Sigh)

– But if you’re tired of constant breakouts, try a few weeks without calf-food.

You can read the entire guide on milk and how it affects your skin here

That was all the *gagagy* I had for you today ;-)

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