Good sunscreen with sun factor 50

Most know its important to protect yourself from the suns harmful rays! But do you actually know what is important when buying sunscreen?

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Question: “Good sunscreen with sun factor 50”

Hello Danish Skin Care!

What sun cream do you recommend if I want to use a sunscreen with sun factor 50 in the face? I think it should give more protection than your day cream with factor 15? I have oily skin with dry zones.

I hope you will answer my questions – and i am also crazy about your products. I have used them for about 3 weeks now and my skin has significantly improved! :-D

Best regards 

Answer to: “Good sunscreen with sun factor 50”

Hi Line

Its so nice to hear that you are happy with our products … And its nice to hear that you want to protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun.

However, I can not recommend you a cream with sun protection factor 50. You are of course free to choose a product with SPF 50, but you should know why we can not and will not recommend skincare products with SPF 50 or above.

The factor number only says something about the amount of time that you can stay in the sun – it says nothing about protection.

Creams with sun protection factor 15 allows you to be in the sun for 5-6 hours – which is a normal day for most. In addition, ALL sun creams is diluted with sweat, water and the like. – so you get a FAR greater protection, if you continuously apply sunscreen on the skin throughout the day, as opposed to choosing products with a high SPF.

The higher the sun factor a product has, the greater the risk is that you will develop allergies due to the sunscreen. In fact, I would not buy or use products with a solar protection factor greater than 30.

A cream with SPF 15 protects 95% – a product with SPF 30 protects 96% – its not possible to get a higher protection then this.

The most important thing about sunscreen is to choose a sunscreen with both UVA and UVB filters – and of cause we have UVA and UVB in our FANTASTIC day cream from Danish Skin Care.

So you get exactly the same protection with Danish Skin Care day cream – as with sunscreen with sun protection factor 50 and UVB and UVA. The only difference is how long you can stay in the sun …

I hope you can make any sense of my answers! I know it can be quite confusing with all the different advice people give about sunscreen – but a lot of counsellors are wrong. Because yes, the sun protection factor in sunscreens should only be 15 – the most important thing is that there is UVA and UVB solar filter in the product!

You can find MANY sunscreens on the market with sun protection factor 50, but without UVA filter – these products DOES NOT protect against skin cancer, as it is UVA filters that protect against skin cancer.

– Read more about sunscreen and sun protection here.

I hope this was some answers to your questions.

Have a really nice and sunny day! :-D

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