Guide: 5 tips to get more out of Perfect Skin Power Treat

Perfect Skin Power Treat is great for removing dull, gray, discolored, and dry skin with blackheads, pimples, and whiteheads. Get the beautiful skin that you deserve! Daily exfoliation is good for all skin types.

Perfect Skin Power Treat

Perfect Skin Power Treat is a great product, thanks to the unique effect of the exfoliating ingredient salicylic acid (also known as beta hydroxy acid, or simply BHA).

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In short:

Perfect Skin Power Treat is the perfect thing to give you the beautiful skin you deserve.

In other words, it is no wonder that Perfect Skin Power Treat is Danish Skin Care’s best-selling product.

And users favorite:

Trine Magdalene
1. December
Smooth customer Treatment
I bought Perfect Skin Power Treat when I had some problems with something similar to whiteheads on the chin and in the corners of the mouth. I was pleased to know how to get the product, since I had previously spent a small fortune on skin-care products. Perfect Skin Power Treat is really easy to use, and after only a few days, I could start to see improvements. Now I am strongly considering (and I most likely will) buying the whole series of products designed for normal to dry skin – now that is 50% (:

Mette Eid
9. November
From my heart, thank you!
Dear Mads and the rest of your wonderful team.
As you know, you can feel pretty desperate when your face suddenly seems to explode with pimples and blackheads. As farmakonomelev and pharmacy’s face, I can tell that you are even more desperate!

I have historically bought various products that promised the moon and stars, but have had to realize that they have not been the solution to my hunt for perfect skin. My pimples have kept me from attending many social events; I have blamed my absence on being ill, because no one understands how I feel, running around with not just one small pimple, but 5, 6, 7, or 8 blemishes, because I desperately tried to look better.

I read about your skin-care line and thought, ”Should I try this?” It was much money to spend and especially to lose, if it didn’t solve my problem.

I received the series of products quickly, and immediately started using them. I went a little overboard using the Perfect Skin Power Treat. The result was that I woke up with dry skin. I wrote to your customer service because of the same old experience—I once again had spent money on something that did not work. Fortunately, he helped me, and told how I should be using the product and told me to writeback if it did not solve my problem. That did it!

Many thanks for having developed a product with quality. Although I could not wash either pimples or soresfor a few days, I have faith that it will improve. I now have only one blemish that is healing really well. I do not know if it is the products that have caused the wounds to heal so fast, but it has certainly made me a happy, which is perhaps the reason for the rapid healing.

Thank you is a poor word in this context, but THANK YOU. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I am annoyed that I didn’t take “before / after” pictures, because often someone might need to see to be convinced.
And I also just want to thank you for your emails, [name removed]. They are SO helpful. I am happy every time there’s an email; everything else comes second in priority, until I read it: D

Nicole H. Rasmussen
27. October
A little miracle
I am so glad that I chose to try the Perfect Skin Power Treat, because my skin is already much better after I’ve used it for a week!
I have struggled with a red, irritated, and blemished skin and large cyst-like pimples. I was super sad to see myself in the mirror! But (after using Perfect Skin Power Treat) there are very few small pimples, and they become less and less every day! Even my mother can see a huge difference! Therefore when my day cream was exhausted, I ordered your entire series!

The reason I only gave you 4 out of 5 stars is because the bottle had leaked a little when I got it. The bottle was covered in liquid. Can see in your reviews that I am not the only one who has experienced it, so maybe you should fix the bottle so that it can be tightly closed and you can get 5 stars;)

24. October
Absolutely fantastic!
I invite all who are considering trying the products from Danish Skin Care: Stop consideration and purchase instantly!
The products are in a fine price range and deliver is super-fast.
When you get the product at your door, its appearance screams QUALITY!
I use the products for normal / oily skin and the facial lotion actually has a matting effect, so that the skin does not look shiny. In addition, night and day creams can also be used as eye creams, saving you a lot of money.
I do not regret one second that I have spent money on the products. I have long been suffering from cystic acne and now I have only a few annoying instances of small pimples – from which there are some annoying scars.
The products also help to fade the redness, since it is so gentle and mild.
So yes. A clear recommendation from here!
Good day :)

Ane Storm
13. October
Beautiful active products!
I purchased Perfect Skin Power Treat and shaving gel – very satisfied!
Perfect Skin Power Treat has already had noticeable effect on my “cleated” arms and thighs, thumbs up!
Shaving gel is also super smooth and fine shaving and no irritated skin. :)
Service also excellent, and the only drawback is that the top of bottle for my Perfect Skin Power Treat does not fit tightly. It runs off the side of the bottle. It could be better, because after all, some little expensive drops disappear. ;)

But a very satisfied customer here. :)

10. September
Super product – customer service second to none!
A very good product – says one who has tried VERY different !!!!! I am hooked. Customer service is in a class by itself. Really personal and empathetic.

Morten arsland
29. July
Best product in Denmark!
Love that the products have no perfume and color.
And thanks to the max 100ml, because I travel a lot with my job with only hand luggage.

Perfect Skin Power Treat is a great product, thanks to the unique effect of the exfoliating ingredient salicylic acid (also known as beta hydroxy acid, or simply BHA).

Salicylic acid is the only exfoliating ingredient that works on BOTH the skin’s upper layers and the lower skin layers. You will get much faster results than you will with normal exfoliating products

Moreover, it will resolve the vast majority of skin problems even BEFORE you see them on the skin’s surface, because it is working with the deeper skin layers.  :-)

And …

Unlike regular exfoliating products, which are both hard on the skin and can cause outbreaks, Perfect Skin Power Treat is extremely gentle to the skin. It is actually soothing.

The product can be used by people with delicate and sensitive skin – and on a daily basis – while being much more effective than normal exfoliating, scrubbing, or peeling products.

Perfect Skin Power Treat is designed for use on the face, on a daily basis, every evening after cleansing and before applying night cream.

BUT…you can get much more pleasure from Perfect Skin Power Treat.





Who would not like to have deliciously smooth and soft legs?

Get it with Perfect Skin Power Treat, by using it daily after your bath or shower. You will see results after only 5-6 treatments.

After bathing and drying, put a little Perfect Skin Power Treat into palm of hand and smooth it onto your legs, possibly finishing with a good moisturizer.




Dry and rough hands, also known as workers hands, are in the past, with Perfect Skin Power Treat.

If you simply fail to wash your hands after application of the product on your legs, then you will experience significantly softer hands after just a few days of use.

As easy as that, you are well on the way to having delicious, baby-soft hands.




They are sore, itch, just do not look good! And that is not what you want, after you’ve shaved.

Use Perfect Skin Power Treat in the days after shaving. The product is antibacterial and soothing and will eliminate the formation of red bumps.

It might sting a little when you apply it on freshly shaved skin, so try waiting a few hours before applying the product. Do this every day after your bath or shower.




Every man’s frustration when shaving, and many women’s when shaving legs, is ingrown hairs.

They occur when new hair starts to grow and the hair does not come properly through the skin’s surface.

Fix it with Perfect Skin Power Treat, by spreading a little product on the area immediately, when you experience the problem. Continue for a few days, and  your problem should be solved.




ARGH! Never convenient. One big yellow pimple. Do you press it or not? Or try to cover?

Press! Press the bump/pimple  gently, possibly after a shower, when the skin is soft. Use just enough pressure until the yellow is removed (NEVER until it bleeds!). Then use Perfect Skin Power Treat on the pimple immediately. It will kill bacteria and soothe redness and swelling.

Finish with your facial cream and use a cover stick to cover up:-)

Use Perfect Skin Power Treat again a few times, where the pimple was, to help fasterhealing and total removal of the pimple/blemish.




  • Keratosis Pilaris
    – Red bumps on arms and legs
  • Rosacea
    – Chronic skin condition where the skin turns red and bulges up
  • Pigment changes
    – Also sun damage
  • Scars
    – Also wounds in the skin
  • Wrinkles
    – Also uneven skin and tired, gray skin



  • Acne
    – Including pimples, impure skin, whiteheads, and blackheads

Perfect Skin Power Treat

Perfect Skin Power Treat is a great product, thanks to the unique effect of the exfoliating ingredient salicylic acid (also known as beta hydroxy acid, or simply BHA).

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