Guide: Skincare for old and wrinkled skin

The best skincare is not one ingredient, but rather its a combination of lots of different and great ingredients! Get more information here.

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Question: “Guide: Skincare for old and wrinkled skin”

Hey Mads

Thank you for your GREAT videos and AMAZING advice’s! :)

I know a lot more about skin problems, acne and pimples form watching your videos and The Danish Acne Cure! I has really made it far more easy to help and support my daughter who is really bothered by pimples!

Your are great at giving easy accessible information, advice and guidance – very informative!

But actually my question is in relation to myself :-) And my question is whether there is something a person of my age – I am 50 years old – should do to fight wrinkles and take the best possible care for the skin…

Yours sincerely

Answer to: “Guide: Skincare for old and wrinkled skin”

Hi Pia

Thank you for all you nice words – it is so nice that you and your daughter are looking at my videos :-) And it is really nice that you can use my advice in The Danish Acne Cure and that you are supporting and helping your daughter with her skin problems! By the way, your daughter is always very welcome to contact me or Danish Skin Care at [email protected] – we always like to help people to get the skin that they want :-)

In relation to your question about wrinkles and treating the skin when you become older… And let me just say, you are still young, 50 years is no age! ;-D

There is of course a lot of special ingredients that has to be in great skincare. The skin need and benefit from a lot of different ingredients to care for the skin in the best possible way, also when we talk about the treatment of wrinkles. But there’s actually no difference between what a 50-year-old skin or 25-year-old skin needs to counteract and fight wrinkles :-)

You can look at it a bit like this: Spinach is healthy for you and your body when you are 50 years old, but spinach is also healthy for one who is only 15 years old! :-)

Perhaps you take the lime of spinach to strengthen your bones – where a teenager use the lime to build bones. So an ingredient is of cause great for several age groups, but maybe your body use and benefit from it in different ways :-D

Compared to your skin, I’m sure you’ll LOVE to get started with my skincare series. Maybe you only have troubles with a bit of wrinkles … and yes, I know my products help remove pimples – but you will benefit from all the great ingredients and your skin will love all the anti-oxidants and all the anti-aging ingredients in the products! :-D

I’m sure you’ll be happily surprised about how amazing my products will be for your skin too.

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