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Tips about how to avoid hair loss from skin care company. Let your hair grow and prevent hair loss. Danish Skin Care advice in correct hair care

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Question: โ€œHair lossโ€

Hi Mads,

Iโ€™m a guy in my 30โ€™s. I have some problems with hair loss that are really bothering me, not as much, but I would like to prevent it well ahead of time to stay cute, haha.

Thanks in advance!


Answer to: โ€œHair lossโ€

Dear Kenny,

It is most likely a definitive hair loss you are suffering from, and what you can do to keep the hair papilla going is to massage your scalp to boost the circulation and also live a healthy life.

Or else it is a good idea to cut you hair really short, that way it look appear fuller.

Have a great day!

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