A homemade facial mask for acne

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Question: “A homemade facial mask for acne”

Hey Mads

I have found a video on YouTube about a homemade facial mask that would hopefully remove pimples, acne etc ….

But I do not know if it’s good or bad, but what if it’s good, could you do a test if it works? I have to say that the facial mask is from India.

The mask consists of something called turmeric, brown rice flour, yogurt, honey and olive oil. It should be mixed in approximately equal amounts and then lubricated on the face where it should sit for about 10-20 minutes.

I hope you can help me with an answer. It looks really easy and it would be great if it could help anyone who has problems with their skin so that we all can have a nice skin just by using this mask only once a week. However, some of the ingredients are a little hard to find, but they can be bought in a lot of Arabian stores.

Best regards 

Answer to: “A homemade facial mask for acne”

Hi Mathilde

Now, of course, I do not want to entirely rule out that this mask may have some effect, but its certainly that the mask is NOT great for the skin – and it will by no means remove pimples. On the contrary …

1) Cow’s milk and dairy products is the ONLY food that directly causes pimples. So to use yogurt or cow milk on the skin is a absolutely no-go! And should also be minimized in the daily diet.

2) Honey is very irritating to the skin when large amount of honey comes in direct contact with the skin. It will sting and really irritate the skin, so you will risk getting even more pimples over a week’s time.

In this type of mask the honey is slightly thinned with milk and oil, but using equal parts of it all gives you a lot of honey on the skin. In addition, the mask is really sticky.

3) Masks are not clever kind of skincare. Skin care is about skin care 365 days a year. Not just using a mask once in a while.

Think of it like your diet. You know that you should eat healthy everyday, to be healthy – and not just every Sunday ;-)

4) Olive oil is a rather harsh oil, just to directly lubricate on to the skin. In addition, olive oil has a really strong scent that will be on the skin afterwards.

In addition, I REALLY worked extremely hard to avoid oil when I developed the products for Danish Skin Care.

If I chose to use oil when I developed Danish Skin Care products, it would have been a far easier process :-D Oil is really great at getting ingredients to stick together and to conserve them. But I will not use oil in my products, because oil is not good for the skin – especially not when it comes to acne and pimples.

Oil can very easily clog the pores in the skin. And in fact, oil is one of the “ingredients” in a pimple. pimples consist of dead skin cells and oil.

So when you add olive oil to the skin, you actually add one of the ingredients that creates pimples :-S Not smart!

5) Now, if we don’t consider that we are talking about a mask, the biggest problem with this trick is that the treatment ONLY contains 4 – 5 different ingredients. The skin needs MUCH more, to get optimum care.

Just try to check one of the Danish skin care creams. There are over 25 different ingredients in my creams – and overall you use 4 different products when you use my skin care products from Danish Skin Care.

In short, so you get a treatment with MANY different ingredients, which in their own way will really help the skin :-)

And that’s what the skin needs! Not just one ingredient – or 4 – 5 different ingredients – you need a LOT more if you want to solve problems with acne, pimples and blemishes.

The point of it all and what I’m trying to say is, that it is far more complex process need to create good skin care – than what you can do at home in your own kitchen.

I used an immensely amount of time to develop the Danish Skin Care products. And before then I had studied the skin and read tons of research on just the proper care for pimples, unclean skin and acne.

And when I finally start to create a product, it takes years to go from the start to the finish line – just because there are so many different ingredients in the product, which makes it incredibly difficult to make.

So, my advice to you – from someone who has suffered a lot from acne and have tried all the homemade tricks of the world – do not waste your time. You just get frustrated. It takes too long and you can not solve your skin problem or remove acne with homemade tricks. Unfortunately.

Rather I would strongly recommend you to check out the link below, where I have made a movie to guide you and make you aware of the correct care of pimples and unclean skin. And what to avoid when choosing your skin care.

Watch the movie here – and get help removing your pimples

Have a nice day

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