Is eye créme and night crème important?

Should you spend money on night cream and eye cream, or is it a waste of money? And what about exfoliation without using a scrub cream?

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Question: “Is eye créme and night crème important?”

Hi Mads,

I’ve looked a lot on the list of skincare products that you recommend that you’ve sent out, but I’ve been in doubt of something. I’ve been looking online for the products that you list under exfoliation and it looks like they’re all gels and crèmes, but doesn’t exfoliation mean a scrub or a mask?

And then I have another question and that is if eye crème and night crème are really important, or would it really just be like throwing money out of the window?

Have a great summer :-)

Best regards,
Pernille Simonsen

Answer to: “Is eye créme and night crème important?”

Hi Pernille,

Thank you for your questions and for signing up for my newsletter. At the same time, it is really great to see that you ask critical questions and seek answers. That is exactly what Danish Skin Care is about – that we do not just put a lot of different stuff on our face just because we are told to do it.

In regards to your question about exfoliation, you are completely right! Exfoliation is very often a scrub with grains or a mask, but it does not have to be. You should always avoid exfoliation containing grains, since they will grind and irritate the skin. Many people swear by masks, but facts are that they are really harsh for the skin and will only irritate it. As a matter of fact, most masks often do more damage than good. Just think, that a weekly mask must remove 7 days of dirt, where a daily mask is a lot milder, since it only has to remove a day’s dirt.

And also, masks require a lot of planning – that is my opinion anyway. It has to be timed, when did you use it last – then set aside 15 minutes where you look like a “smurf”, etc. A lot of people end up skipping every second or third time and so the mask suddenly has to remove dirt from 14 days or more.

So the daily exfoliation is absolutely the best choice – it is gentle on the skin. And the best thing, science has proven that the daily exfoliation is much more effective for the skin than the weekly – that is something to think about.

Danish Skin Care use salicylic acid (BHA) in our daily exfoliator “Perfect Skin Power Treat” – it is brilliant, since it is both peeling on the outside and peeling the deeper layers of your skin. It is also soothing.

I believe very much in the principle of not throwing your money out of the window! But eye crèmes and night crèmes are important – or let me rephrase that. It is important to apply crème on your skin in the evening and also around your eyes. But you do not need a special product for your eyes – if your day crème is well-formulated, you can certainly use it for the skin around your eyes. In fact, I will say that if you cannot use your day crème around your eyes, then you should not use it on your face!

The same thing can almost be said regarding night crèmes – the skin does not need different vitamins during the night as during the day. But during the day the skin needs sunscreen. So yes, you do need 2 crémes – but the only difference will be sunscreen, which you should not sleep with. The skin will benefit from not wearing sunscreen, which can be slightly irritating for the skin, but it must never be downgraded.

I hope my answers made you a little wiser regarding your products – so you will hopefully avoid throwing money out the window :-) But instead maintain your skin effectively.

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