Is skin tonic overrated crap?

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Question: “Is skin tonic overrated crap?”

Hey mads!
Thanks for this amazing web site with really great advice! :-)

My question is about skin tonic? Will you recommend it or not? And is it really just overrated crap? Can see in the many answers you give that you recommend using a mild cleansing product and a crème, but I don’t think you ever mention skin tonic!

I use ole henriksen “apricot cleansing lotion” myself, which leaves my skin super soft and clean, but sometimes I think the comfortable sensation disappears when I use skin tonic. (Especially those that are applied with cotton pads). Now, I use “balancing cucumber face mist” also from ole henriksen. My skin is very sensitive, often with a tendency for dry surface and sad-looking complexion. Sometimes, I get fine lines and clogged pores and whiteheads because of moisture deficiency. (I think and mostly on my forehead). My skin is fine and fragile and really sensitive to external factors.

I’m 24. I’m also not sure of which crème to use. I don’t like thick, sticky crèmes, but want a light crème that makes the skin soft and smooth without being greasy. At night, I often cleanse my skin and sleep without crème or anything else to allow the skin to work on its own and not make it “lazy”.

How does that sound? I hope you can help me along.

Thanks in advance and keep on the good work :-)


Answer to: “Is skin tonic overrated crap?”

Hi Sara,

Thank you for your question – and for turning to me for answers. Happy to help :-)

Overall, a skin tonic should add moisture to the skin, but that is definitely something that a crème should be able to do. So I will say that skin tonic is just an extra product – of course, if you do not get enough moisture from your regular products, then it is necessary. Though, I will say that in that case one should question if those crèmes are particularly well-formulated.

Very few people like thick, greasy crèmes – like you state yourself – which is why you should choose crèmes that are not oil-based. In the exact same way, you should make sure that you use crèmes that are for your exact skin type. Many people interpret their skin type as their “problem” – for example, if they have sensitive skin, or acne and so on. But skin type really only say something about the level of moisture in your skin, which means if you have dry skin, greasy skin or combination/normal skin.

So, choose crèmes from how you perceive your skin – if you feel your skin is slightly greasy/shiny, then choose a crème for greasy skin. No crème, regardless if they are for dry, greasy or combination skin, should contain perfume, dyes and irritating ingredients.

I have developed a series of crèmes for my skincare line Danish Skin Care – of course without any of the ingredients that are irritating for the skin and 100% free from perfume and dyes. The crèmes are divided in to crèmes for day and night, since the day crèmes contain sunscreen (UVA/UVB filter) – so you will avoid the damaging rays from the sun.

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