Isotretinoin for acne

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Question: “Isotretinoin for acne”

Hi Mads,

I’m currently taking Isotretinoin pills (roaccuttan) for my acne and so far I’ve only been washing my face with water at night, because I think that the face washes I’ve tried have simply been too harsh on my skin, which is extremely dry because of the medication. But I would really like to use a mild face wash, because I think that I need it. I saw your wash gel and thought: How mild is it? Could someone use it, even if they – like me at the moment – have very irritated and dry skin, or will it dry out the skin?

And do you know someone who’ve tried Isotretinoin, who were happy about it?

Also read about the sunscreen that also works as a moisturizer. Is the difference between that and your other moisturizer just that it contains sunscreen? And is it good for very dry skin? My skin is also very sensitive to the sun and I would like to try it, but will it work while on Iso?

All the best and thanks in advance,
Anders :-)

Answer to: “Isotretinoin for acne”

Hi Anders,

Isotretinoin is a very strong cure and luckily many people have great results after taking the pills!

You can certainly use a mild cleansing product and Perfect Skin Face Wash would be great for that.

You can also use a moisturizer and preferably with sunscreen during the day. The only difference on the products from Danish Skin Care is that the Perfect Skin Day Protector contains sunscreen.

I will recommend you to buy the moisturizers, since they will give both moisture and protection even though the consistency is light. The areas where you feel extra dry you can add a little bit of almond/olive oil on top to get a little extra moisture.

I am looking forward to hearing about your results with both Isotretinoin and the Danish Skin Care products.

Have a great day!

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