Isotretinoin treatment and alcohol

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Question: “Isotretinoin treatment and alcohol”

Hey Mads

I am in the process of having a Isotretinoin treatment! :-( Could I drink some alcohol, if I am really careful, and I stop taking the pills for maybe 3 – 4 days? Do you think I could drink some alcohol on the fourth day? Could something bad happen even if I have not taken the pills in some days? :-(

I hope you have an answer to my questions. :-)

Thanks in advance…


Answer to: “Isotretinoin treatment and alcohol”

Hi Malte

First of all, I would STRONGLY recommend that you have a good and long talk with your doctor about how a Isotretinoin treatment works, side effects and how you should do the treatment! I can not guide you since I am not a doctor. So you really need to have a good and nice talk with you doctor, please! :-)

In general, you should never pause a treatment, without talking with your doctor… Isotretinoin is a medicine for acne and as any other treatments, you should follow the instructions very carefully and in consultation with your doctor.

All I can say is, that I would like to advice you, to think about why you have started taking acne medication. A Isotretinoin treatment is a rather harsh treatment against acne! It’s a really harsh treatment and the medicine is associated with a lot of side effects… As you’ve hopefully been consulted about by your doctor before starting the Isotretinoin treatment…

So it is really important, that you seriously consider if you really wish to continue with the Isotretinoin treatment! And consider why you are doing the treatment! And if it is important for you, to get rid of your acne and pimples!

What is most important for you? Is it drinking alcohol with your friends at a party? Or is it staying off alcohol for some time, and getting rid of your skin problems? :-)

So try to answer my questions and consider what you want! And remember to talk to your doctor! :-)

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