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Question: โ€œLoose and lax skinโ€


Over the course of a few years, Iโ€™ve had a big weight loss. This has led to loose and lax skin in my face.

Which ways and methods/crรจmes can I use to tighten up the skin? – It is extra difficult because I have acne and blemishes at the same time. Have previously gone through an Isotretinoin cure, where my acne disappeared, but now a new one appears every once in a while. Have heard that thick oils and crรจmes can be an effective way, but wonโ€™t that create even more blemishes?


Answer to: โ€œLoose and lax skinโ€

Hi David,

Thank you for your question!

Unfortunately, you cannot change loose and lax skin with skincare. I wish that I could tell you about a skincare product that could lift up the skin โ€“ but if such a product existed who would have lax skin?

To have loose and lax skin removed you need to consult a plastic surgeon.

Instead, focus on controlling your acne with skincare products without using any thick crรจmes, because that would definitely make it worse.

Have a super day!

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