Mads Timmermann shares:

My Goodbye to Acne 👋

Hello 🙂 My name is Mads Timmermann and I have struggled immensely with acne 😓

Okay! I know it’s an odd introduction. No one would introduce themselves like that. And yet, here you are. I think you’re reading this because you – just like me – are struggling with acne and blemished skin. Maybe you have severe acne?

So, you also know that you feel like your acne is ALWAYS part of your introduction – at least a part of the first impression people get of you…

Acne was a HUGE part of my identity. It still is, even though I have solved my acne problem and today have clear skin. 🎉❤️😃

Today, I am an expert in treating acne. I personally prefer the title “expert in beautiful skin.” Some might call me a skincare expert.

But it certainly hasn’t always been that way!

When I first got acne, it was a battle. I tried a huge number of skincare products, treatments, cures, and sought help from cosmetologists, doctors, and other skincare experts.

Nothing worked!!! 😱🤯🤬

Some things might have helped for a short period, but the acne always lurked around the corner – and quickly came back. Often worse than before. 😢

Maybe I’m not so fond of the title skincare expert because I never really got help for my skin from the experts I turned to… 🤔

Maybe I’m exaggerating. But I mostly remember my “treatment” of acne as paying for red, irritated, and itchy skin.

By paying, I mean throwing money out the window on all sorts of skincare and treatments. Not to mention paying for skin analyses, consultations, and advice.

Looking back, it’s just crazy! You don’t pay just to look at a car. And you don’t pay the car dealer for answering questions about the car you’re considering buying.

Wow! I’ve spent a lot of money on skin analyses and cosmetologist treatments, with the sole purpose of being sold a lot of skincare products. 💸💸💸

Oh yes! And when I mention red and irritated skin, I think you know what I mean… 🙄

It’s just crazy how much skincare can damage one’s skin. Not to mention all the numerous “good advice” from magazines recommending homemade face masks.

I particularly remember one of the homemade face masks I tried. It was made of salt, honey, and oatmeal. Boy, did it hurt. It burned like hell…

And yes, it left my skin extremely red… But I repeated—naively 😇—the treatment every week for nearly two months. It never helped…

I think you know exactly what I mean.

You’ve probably also tried your share of treatments for acne. Since you’re reading this, I’m guessing nothing has worked yet—at least not optimally. 🙄😓

It’s so frustrating! 😓

Let me quickly say, however, that it IS possible to achieve clear skin. I managed to do it. I found the solution for treating acne.

The shocking part is, treating acne is incredibly easy—not to trivialize the problem. I’ve struggled immensely with acne myself, so trivializing acne is the last thing I want. It’s a BIG problem and ENORMOUSLY frustrating to struggle with acne.

Treating acne isn’t about special ingredients or specially formulated skincare products. It’s quite simple, which I know today…

Let me also point out that treating acne is one thing. All the human aspects—the psyche—of dealing with acne are something entirely different. And that’s what I mean by acne still being a big part of my life—even though I have clear skin now.

I immediately revert to that insecure, acne-ridden teenager, whenever I—occasionally—get a pimple.

I didn’t get rid of my acne until well into my 20s. But it’s always that insecure teenager I return to, when I get one or two pimples. Or 4 in the middle of my forehead 😓

And despite this not being the first time I talk about my own challenges with acne. And it probably won’t be the last time I show my photos from when I had acne, it’s still borderline EVERY SINGLE TIME.

It is—pull-hair-out-of-the-noseself-torture for a good cause when I dig up the old photos. I only do it to spread the message that acne can be removed and clear skin achieved.

It just awakens SO many bad memories, bad thoughts and takes me right back to a really tough time. A time when I hid my skin. Covered the skin with makeup—going out without makeup, NEVER!

You know what I mean. When you’re dealing with acne and skin problems, you feel like that’s all people see.

And I’m a man. When I was battling acne, it was neither metrosexual nor normal for men to wear makeup. Thankfully, it’s different today, but still. No one should wear makeup for any reason other than to highlight their beauties…

I also often canceled plans because of acne—or just one new BIG pimple right in the middle of my forehead. Or I canceled because I just had a cosmetologist treatment and my skin looked dangerous. 😓🤬😱

Acne has really robbed me of a lot of fun with friends. And stolen enormous amounts of time from me. Time I spent in front of the mirror trying to treat acne.


The worst thing about having acne…

One thing is that the pimples—at least for me—were incredibly frustrating. And that the acne on my skin made me hide my skin. I was honestly embarrassed to look like that.

For me, the worst part of having acne was that everyone—and I mean everyone—had a clever piece of advice about treating acne.

I KNOW of course that the advice and suggestions were well-intentioned. I have no doubt about that.🙏 The advice was, however, a reminder that I hadn’t covered well with makeup 🙄 And a reminder that EVERYONE saw my ugly skin 😢

I especially remember one incident. I must have been 17 years old or so. And it was actually a period when my skin was better than ever—I had very few pimples.

I was visiting my girlfriend and we were eating with her parents. We had done this a few times, and I actually got along quite well with her mother in particular. And then there, during cleanup from dinner, we start talking about something—and of course well-intentioned—she tells me about tea tree oil. And how it was supposed to be FANTASTIC against acne.

Oh yes! And my girlfriend’s father—a big, burly type of guy—chimed in and suggested that I should try it…

There went my evening. I thought I was finally in a good skin period. And I believed that NO ONE saw my pimples. At least, that’s what I convinced myself. 😵‍💫

I have quite a few such episodes. You probably have the same. And even though you—like me—know the help is meant kindly, it’s just so frustrating.

It’s extra frustrating when it comes from someone who “just read” or “just heard” about something. That is, where they themselves have never struggled with acne and don’t understand that you’ve literally tried EVERYTHING!

And yes, I’ve also tried tea tree oil. It was one of the worst things I’ve used on my skin. My entire face turned tomato red and it burned, stung, and hurt in the skin. 🤬


It’s obviously ironic, that I today have become one of “them”. 🤪

One of those who advise and guide in helping treat acne. 🤣

However, I myself have struggled immensely with acne.

Today, I have beautiful and clean skin—a pimple-free skin—and it’s really just my own story that I share.

I really hope that my journey to being free of acne can be a help to you. Not least, so you don’t have to make ALL the MANY mistakes, that I did.

Oh yes! And then I am—looking back—extremely frustrated over the enormous fortune, which I have spent on treating acne.

I dare not think about all the many thousands of dollars, that I have spent on skincare products. Skincare products that never helped—at least not for very long at a time. 💸

It’s just crazy, how much money I—and surely also you—have thrown after products, treatments, and advice in the fight against acne.



How I solved my acne problem—and got nice skin

Okay! I had to write nice skin, even though I normally don’t like to brag about my skin.

Now I’m jumping a bit in time—and including a decade of experience 🧐🤓 Since I really got started with treating acne (and caring for the skin), I have learned that treating acne is only a microscopic tiny part of fighting acne.

Back when I had acne, acne was the ALL-overwhelming problem. I was so frustrated with my pimples that I really only focused on getting rid of the pimples.

Maybe you feel the same way?

I fully understand you! Acne is frustrating! No doubt about it! I myself have struggled IMMENSELY with acne, as I’ve just told you. I really understand that the pimples are frustrating!

However, acne almost always comes with scars from acne, as well as red marks from pimples. There is also often uneven skin and an uneven skin tone.

You may not see it now, because your focus is on getting rid of the acne.

It is, however, EXTREMELY frustrating, to get rid of the acne, only to then have a new problem—for example, lots of red marks from pimples—and throw the crazy-many-in-front-of-the-mirror hours after 🤬

I’m speaking from personal experience! I indeed solved my acne problem—and then ended up with a REALLY ugly skin. I could hardly be happy about being free from pimples. I was still left with ugly skin—admittedly a pimple-free skin, but still ugly skin. 😓

Treating acne is therefore only partially about combating acne.

Good acne treatment also involves treating the side effects of acne—and ensuring proper skin care so that after your acne treatment, you can see beautiful skin in the mirror.

I learned the hard way—that is, I got rid of my acne but still had bad skin. Don’t make the same mistake I did! Make sure your acne treatment also provides help for acne scars, red marks from acne, uneven skin, and all the other damage acne and pimples can do to your skin.

In short, ensure that your acne treatment helps you achieve the beautiful skin you want. And deserve! No one deserves to struggle with acne, or to struggle with bad skin.


I’m jumping ahead in time again. Now we’re going back to how I fought my acne. It’s a frustrating story on the level of losing a newly bought cream against acne, and ALL the product being smeared across the bathroom floor… 😱

I was 18 years old. I thought I was going to be a graphic designer. I was a bit of a computer nerd back then—in the sense that I spent 99.9% of my time in front of a computer.

– Not with my nose in a book. That honestly didn’t interest me at the time. And homework was not something I spent time on. After primary school, I therefore took a vocational education to become a graphic designer. Probably because the school time was short, and the practical time was long—I wanted to quickly get away from the school desk and start working with computers. Wonderful.

When I started my first internship as a graphic designer, I got a HUGE shock! Really!

My first task was a website for a skincare product. Not that THAT was a shock. It was actually quite exciting. It just wasn’t any skincare product. No! It was a skincare product against acne.

The shock was, the first thing I had to do was edit some pictures for the website. The pictures were of a teenager. A pretty girl, but still a girl with some acne.

Not nearly as many pimples as me. She was really a pretty girl who just had a few pimples. I would LOVE if my skin looked like hers.

And despite a few pimples, there I was – SERIOUSLY – photoshopping the pimples away from her skin. And that was for a skincare product that promised to remove acne? DOUBLE-SERIOUSLY, I was shocked. If the skincare product really worked, then it would have been MUCH easier to choose a model who had used the products.

Double-double SERIOUSLY. I later learned that the girl had never used the products. I had to get a statement from her – for some before/after photos – and took the opportunity to ask more in-depth about her experience with the product.

I only spoke to her on the phone, but it would have hurt less if we had been face-to-face and she had kicked me in the groin 🥴 She had never used the products, so the statement had to be obtained from the company – that is, a fictional statement. She was just a random pretty teenager who was used as a model. SHOCK!

… Every time I watch the video below, I laugh and cry at the same time, and think back to that story…:



That was the turning point for me!

The experience of sitting and editing pimples away – to advertise with before/after photos for an acne treatment product – it was truly a shock!

I obviously knew what photo editing could do. I also knew that advertisements were meant to sell. But this was just so wrong. It was so much fraud. It wasn’t just photo editing to beautify – like makeup. It was photo editing to prove a result – a result that was a lie.

I actually got angry. I had been struggling with acne for SO long! I had spent a tremendous amount of money on treatments and skincare products for acne. Nothing had worked. And now I had learned that it might all be a scam…

Most of all, I panicked. I panicked because I began to fear never getting rid of the acne. I had just gotten proof – that acne skincare was a scam. 😱😱😱

I remember how I came home from work that day. It was a Friday. The first thing I did was grab a bag of chips, 1.5 liters of cola, and sat down in front of the computer.

Just to add, I hadn’t drunk cola or eaten chips for a LONG time. In fact, I had stayed away from fast food, chips, and soda for almost 12 months – because I had read that it could cause acne.

I was really frustrated! And although I planned to play CounterStrike, I never actually started the game. Instead, I ended up searching for information about acne on the internet.

I had previously read a lot about treating acne. And read almost every beauty guide about acne. My search that day was different, though. I suddenly searched for “what causes acne,” which led to searching for “research on acne” and the like.

During my search, I came across many medical articles and research results from all sorts of different universities, research centers, and such.

Friday afternoon turned into night. Saturday turned into Sunday. And I made up for 12 months without fast food that weekend 😂🍕🍟 I’ve never been so buried in reading.

I won’t make myself dumber than I am. Still, I don’t quite understand how I managed to read through all that research. Such research articles are not exactly easy reading.

I’ve probably never been so motivated to read as I was that weekend. Although the articles were difficult, I became more and more motivated to read, the more I read. Suddenly, a whole world of possibilities for treating acne began to open up. And my burial in medical articles about acne and research on acne and acne continued long after that weekend – especially since I really had to read some of the articles 2, 3, and 4 times to understand 🙄🤪

I read especially a lot about ingredients that research had proven effective against acne – and effective for skincare. It was quite shocking reading. Not least because most of the ingredients were quite ordinary.

And not just one ingredient. There were really many good ingredients against acne.

Quite the opposite of knowledge I had “learned” and been told by various skincare companies, cosmetologists, and salespeople. There was almost always some “unique ingredient” from that company or product – a special ingredient that could solve acne.

I also learned that SO MUCH of what I thought – and had learned – would be good against acne, was actually causing acne. For example, lemon and honey, which I had been making a face mask with several times a month – mixed with avocado. Pretty annoying to discover that I had been doing something for several weeks that causes acne. 😳🤛


In short: This is how I fought my acne

The first thing I did was to drop all harmful, harsh, and irritating ingredients for the skin.

I threw out TONS of skincare products. Over the years, I really had bought many different products. I went through all the ingredient lists. Anything containing perfume, dyes, or anything that sounded like citrus – or contained menthol, mint, drying alcohol, etc. etc. etc. It went into a black bag – and out.

Today, it might sound pretty straightforward, but remember, we’re talking back in the mid-00s. Back then, there wasn’t much focus on perfume-free products.

Oh yes! And even though today – fortunately – we have much more focus on perfume-free products and junk in skincare, there is still an incredibly large amount of JUNK in skincare. It’s shocking! 🤬😱

At the same time, I began looking for skincare that could provide niacinamide, vitamin A, vitamin E, BHA, AHA, hyaluronic acid, chamomile, sunflower oil, argan oil, aloe vera, cucumber… And many, many, MANY more ingredients.

The aforementioned ingredients might sound like A BIT TOO ordinary to treat acne. Almost sounds like a grocery list. But they are really good ingredients for the skin and against acne! 💪❤️

My new strategy was to bombard my skin with everything that should help against acne – according to the research. 💣💥 Not just one or a few good ingredients, as I had done previously with the “good against acne” products I had used… Where most of it anyway ended up in the black bag when I cleaned out harmful ingredients…

I’m telling you. It was hard! Really hard to find products that contained the ingredients I wanted. And at the same time did not contain anything bad for the skin.

Many of the products I used back then were ordered from the USA or Germany. And if I previously had a large skincare routine, then my new routine suddenly went from a large toiletry bag – to my skincare routine coming in its own wheeled suitcase 😂😂😂

I nearly had a cream for each ingredient. It was crazy. I used 18 products morning and evening. At the same time, I treated the skin weekly with masks of chamomile, mixed with cucumber and sunflower oil.

In all my years of treating acne, my skincare routine had never been more comfortable. Despite it being much more extensive than before. I spent much more time on skincare than before, but it suddenly didn’t hurt. My skin did not turn red from the products, nor did the products warm, sting, or burn on the skin.

I was overjoyed when, after a few months, I was in good recovery. Not just recovery, but really good recovery. My skin had really benefited enormously from the treatment.

It was FANTASTIC when friends started to inquire and compliment my skin. And it was a huge motivation to delve deeper into research on acne and skincare.

The combination of results and compliments about my skin led me to pursue an education in skincare therapy. It was an expensive pleasure. Both the cost of education, but also because I suddenly had to use different products. Part of the education was to try various treatments and products – and my acne flared up again. 😭😭😭

I must admit, I was also starting to slack off with my enormous skincare routine. It was quite an evening and morning routine I had created. Not to mention the weekly masks, which I first made and then lay with for 30 – 40 minutes. It was too much. It just didn’t fit with a normal daily life.

Through my education to become a skincare therapist, however, I learned more about the skin. What I got most out of the education was an introduction to developing skincare – and how it’s done. This led to several courses on just that. And from a desire for a simpler skincare routine than my current one, with its many different products, Danish Skin Care was born.

The first years, just as a distant idea – and several years developing products. It’s really not that easy. It was extra difficult, as I specifically did not want to use any harmful or harsh ingredients on the skin.

I also gained an understanding of why there is SO much junk in skincare: It makes development easier. It is often the harsh and harmful ingredients that function as stabilizers, preservatives, and binders in skincare.

Oh yes! And to make things more complicated, I suddenly had other needs. And thus further requirements for my skincare products.

Okay! I just have to interject, that I’m normally not a person focused on problems. But when I was pimple-free for the first time – after my self-created ENORMOUS routine with 18 products morning/evening and several weekly masks – I discovered how many scars my skin had.

So, treating scars and red marks had to be part of my products. Everyone with acne gets scars.

I also didn’t want my products to “just” solve acne and scars. The products should also provide good care for the skin. In short, the products should help achieve healthy, clean, and beautiful skin.

That was exactly what I wanted. Even though for many years, I just wanted to get rid of my acne. That desire was just as large – and important – I had just become more specific about the result.

The first products went on sale on April 11, 2011. Since then, a lot has happened. The products have been updated several times – updated whenever new research or an opportunity for improvement has arisen – and today I can proudly say that I have a really good skincare line against acne.

I have used the series to solve my own acne problemonce and for all – just as I have managed to combat my many acne scars. And – with all modesty – today I have really beautiful skin.

What I am most proud of is that I have been able to help an enormous number of others with acne with my skincare line.

It really makes me happy! 😃🙏

Andres historie med min hudplejeserie


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I tend to pick at my skin when Im anxious or overstimulated, both on my face and on my body. …

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After 6 weeks of use

The products are the best out of many products I have tried. They have definitely improved my skin. An additional …

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I started using your products in April and I can honestly say it has been a game-changer for my skin! …

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After 14 days of use

Happy with the products, they give my skin what it needs. Can really be recommended

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After 14 days of use

I am really happy with Danish Skin Care and I have used it before. Thats why I have patience. I …

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After 6 months of use

I am very satisfied. I have a more uniform and clean skin. I can definitely be recommended.

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After 7 months of use

Best products that work. Been using them since Feb. 2023 and I still use them. Already after 3 months, there …

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After 1 year of use

I was really upset about my skin. It was very red. I was tired that nothing helped my skin. Then …

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After 3 months of use

clearly experience less redness. I usually tend to have rosacea, but its not that obvious anymore. My skin doesnt get …

* Results may vary from person to person.


I know how incredibly frustrating it is to struggle with acne. It has been a significant part of my life. And I am so happy that I can help others finally experience what it’s like to have clear skin.

No! Get beautiful skin. Skin that earns you compliments. 😃🥰🎉

It’s one of the most amazing experiences, especially after many years of battling acne – when someone suddenly says: “Your skin looks beautiful.”

If you’d like to try the products, you can order them here


Honest, Effective, and Simple

My skincare line was created with the idea that caring for your skin should be simple. No masks, weekly or monthly treatments. And not a HUGE ARMY of products.

It should be simple, so you do it on a daily basis.

Moreover, daily skincare is the absolute best treatment for your skin.

It is far better for your skin to care for it gentlyon a daily basis – rather than going all-in weekly or monthly and assaulting the skin with a bunch of harsh stuff to remove a week’s (or month’s) dirt and impurities. A little each day is far better for you and your skin. 💪

It’s really the same with skincare as with diet. You know you should eat a bit healthy EVERY day to live healthily. And you can’t just eat healthy once a week – or once a month. 🥒🥕🥬


My series is created only with ingredients that research has shown to be effective for the skin. I can honestly say that. And you don’t just get one good ingredient. That’s not enough! You get bombarded with loads of good ingredients.

Granted! Some ingredients may be better than others against acne – Vitamin A is, for example, truly fantastic in the fight against acne. But why settle for just Vitamin A? There are loads of other good ingredients for the skin, as well in the fight against acne. Some ingredients may be better for calming and repairing the skin, while others are good at reducing redness and scars, and yet others are good at strengthening the skin against new outbreaks.

It is precisely the combination of these ENORMOUSLY MANY different ingredients that makes my skincare series so effective at combating acne – and ensuring you a nice and beautiful skin.

Simply put, the skincare series can be described in 3 points:

  1. I have removed all junk from the products.
  2. I have packed the series with LOADS of good ingredients.
  3. I have made sure to combine multiple treatments in one. You get not only help against acne but also effective aid against scars, red marks from acne, as well as really good daily care for your skin.

Naturally, you get sun protection in the day cream. After all, the sun is a major cause of skin degradation. ☀️🥵

Oh yes! And of course, you get loads of strengthening ingredients for your skin, so your skin is improved to combat new outbreaks of acnelong before you see them on the skin surface. 💪🐘😃

Double, OH YEAH – and the series works just as well against acne, blackheads, milia, and other impurities in the skin. Most people, after all, tend to be plagued by all these issues simultaneously – or from time to time.

In short. I’ve thought of everything with the series, so you – like me – can quickly get a beautiful and healthy skin. Skin free of acne and impurities. ❤️


Sample kit of my skincare series

Believe me! I understand if you’re skeptical. I’ve struggled tremendously with acne myself.

I also fully understand your frustration with buying ANOTHER skincare series. ANOTHER series that promises to help against acne… 😱

I’ve been there. I spent myself broke on skincare products. 😓

Personally, I was so desperate back when I was struggling with acne that I was also somewhat gullible. I trusted a lot in what I was told by salespeople and cosmetologists. So yes, I’ve really tried MANY skincare series…

With the risk of sounding like another “super-seller”—which is the last thing I want—I can say that the feedback I hear most often is something like “I wish I had known about Danish Skin Care earlier.”

I feel the same way. I would have loved to have had my skincare series 15 years earlier. If only I could have started using the skincare series when I was 13, when I first started having problems with acne. That would have been fantastic!

I could have gone through my teenage years without acne. And I could have fully enjoyed my teenage years with friends, parties, girlfriends, and everything else—instead of hiding away, embarrassed about my skin. And I could have spent my twenties with friends, instead of in front of the mirror—and constantly canceling events because of my skin. 😓

To help you get started, I’ve created a sample kit for you. With the sample kit, you get the WHOLE series for facial treatment. You get products for about 30 days.

A complete set lasts for 3 months, which is the time I always recommend giving the series. A complete set also costs 1,166 kr—which I fully understand is a lot of money to start with. The many good ingredients, however, make the price high, just as I always develop and produce in Denmark—to ensure high quality.

With 30 days in the sample kit, you have enough product to really test the products on your skin. And although you should not expect to be acne-free in 30 days—it often takes a bit longer—you should hopefully notice your skin calming down within 30 days.

You will hopefully also experience fewer and smaller outbreaks. Most importantly, with the sample kit, you will discover that the series does a lot of good for your skin—and you will see that your skin at least does not completely break out.

Today you can get the sample kit for only 495 kr + shipping.

That’s really cheap! And you get my entire facial skincare series for treating acne, so you can test the entire series. 😃❤️ And start your journey towards an acne-free—and super beautiful—skin ❤️😃

Get the sample kit here

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Watch my animated short film about why and how I started Danish Skin Care:

Thank you for reading this far 🙏

Best regards from Mads