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Shaving can irritate the skin. Here is a guide to shaving and skin care for men.

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Simple and necessary – but controversial!

Shaving and men’s skin care are two things that can cause a lot of confusion. Incorrect shaving can cause skin problems. Likewise, bad skin care can cause skin problems and irritated skin in men. But it really isn’t that difficult. Read along here and get your ultimate guide to shaving and men’s skin care.

7 mistakes most men make when shaving

There are a lot of mistakes about shaving. Here are 7 classic mistakes many people make when shaving:

  1. We learn from our fathers
    One of the biggest mistakes made when it comes to shaving, is that men often repeat their fathers’ shaving techniques. This means that we never get rid of bad habits, if we keep going in this direction.
  2. Aftershave and alcohol
    Many mistakenly believe that aftershave is a necessity after shaving. After all, our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers used it. So we continue to use it. And because we still believe this is the way it should be done, stores stock tons of aftershave. Aftershave is in no way a crucial element of a good shave, and is not good skin care for men.
  3. Creating irritation
    Shaving irritates the skin, which means that it is crucial that we try to minimize this irritation. Perfume, colors and aftershave are part of the cause of this irritation. This is why you should first and foremost get rid of these in your shaving products and skin care.
  4. Shaving wrong
    Whether using an electric shaver, or a handheld razor, shaving should always be done in the direction of hair growth. This tip will create the least amount of irritation in your skin’s pores. Most people don’t pay attention to the direction of hair growth, and this causes most of the problems with shaving.
  5. Razor or shaver
    This question is a matter of preference for how close of a shave you want. If you want smooth skin, use a razor. If you want some stubble, use an electric shaver. If you want a well-groomed beard, use a trimmer.
  6. Forgetting skin care
    Many mistakenly forget to care for their skin after shaving. Your skin needs extra good care right after you shave, so that you can avoid ingrown hairs, razor burn and red or unclear skin. So remember to focus on caring for your skin – both after shaving, but also daily.
  7. Caring for your beard
    It’s become pretty trendy to wear a beard, as well as to care for your beard. Many have begun to care for their beards with beard balm, beard oil or beard shampoo. It is important to remember that just like your other hair, beard hair is dead. It only needs to be washed, and your skin needs to be cared for. This will give you the best beard.

Those were 7 mistakes most men make when shaving. There are many more out there. And even more when it comes to men’s skin care! Among them are:

  • Believing there is a difference between men’s and women’s skin care – skin is skin. Take good care of your skin, and you won’t need special skin care for men.
  • Harsh ingredients. Men may have a high pain tolerance, but skin care should never hurt, sting, or itch.
  • Old fashioned techniques. Just as when it comes to shaving, many men do what their fathers did. Namely the bare minimum. This is a big mistake!

Challenges with men’s skin care

Perhaps the biggest challenge when it comes to men’s skin care is what we “can’t do”. Skin care is feminine, and therefore not masculine. Luckily, this is changing, and that is only good! Men need skin care – just like women do.

Now, it’s about not making the mistakes that women have been making for years. Men don’t need to use face masks, serums, boosters or skin tonic. Men also don’t need to use skin care with perfume, colors or harmful ingredients.

Skin care companies are ready with series for men!

Do not fall into the marketing trap. Skin care is no different for men, than it is for women. Men do not need special men’s products. So forget about the manly packaging, manly smells and the marketing phrase “perfect for men!”. Good skin care is good skin care – for men and for women alike.

How to shave and care for your skin

Let’s get down to business. Namely, what you should look for in good skin care for men, and how to shave to avoid irritation, razor burn and skin problems.

  1. Get rid of perfume and colors
    Perfume and colorants irritate the skin. Therefore, these have no place in men’s skin care – and least of all in your shaving products.
  2. Drop the harmful ingredients
    If it stings, burns, itches, cools or warms your skin, then something is wrong with your skin care. You shouldn’t be able to feel your skin care, rather it should work under cover.
  3. Look for a long ingredients list
    Focus on a long ingredients list, when choosing skin care. Forget the magic snake oils, but instead buy skin care with lots of active ingredients.
  4. Choose one easy skin care routine
    You don’t need more than 4 products – when the ingredients they contain are good ones. Face wash, day cream, night cream and a treatment product or daily exfoliation are more than enough.
  5. 2 blades – and always clean ones
    When you shave with a razor, choose one with at least 2 or 3 blades. And make sure to change your blades often, so that they stay clean.
  6. Face wash and cleanliness
    Always wash your face before shaving and always remember cleanliness when shaving. Rinse your blades after each stroke and wash it thoroughly after shaving. If you use an electric shaver, then always wash it after shaving.
  7. Face cream
    Finish your shave with a good skin cream that soothes your skin. Likewise, drop the aftershave.

Do you tend to get ingrown hairs? Do you struggle with razor burn? And are you ready to get well-cared for and beautiful skin without acne after shaving.

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The saying goes:

Something is better than nothing.

Men often get accused of taking bad care of their skin. Some would say we’re lazy. Maybe it’s because we’ve just learned early on that skin care is not for men, but for women.

In any case, a little good care is better than nothing! If you want to focus on your skin, then the Danish Skin Care series makes it easy!

4 products – nothing extra

With the Danish Skin Care series, you use 4 products. You don’t need anything more to care for your skin. The only extra thing you need is shaving cream, if you use a razor.

Extra skin care?

If you want extra focus on healthy skin, then pay attention to your diet. Eat lots of vegetables, cut back on meat, and try to eliminate dairy from your diet.

Exercise and skin care for men

Exercise is good! It’s great for you to sweat and cleanse your skin through it. If you drink a protein shake, choose one that is vegetable based, so you avoid problems with acne.

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