Mineral makeup - Scam and facts

Makeup tips for mineral makeup. Is mineral makeup really natural makeup? Find out the real truth about mineral makeup here

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Question: “Mineral makeup - Scam and facts”

Hi Mads

I have read that mineral makeup is better for my skin because it is 100 % natural and therefore better for the skin ?

Answer to: “Mineral makeup - Scam and facts”

The truth is that mineral makeup is NOT better than other types of makeup – technically mineral makeup just another powder type.

Natural mineral makeup is FAKE!

Many believe that mineral makeup is “natural makeup” , but ironically contains mineral makeup an ingredient called Bismuth Oxychloride – an ingredient not found in nature!

Bismuth Oxychloride manufactured by lead and copper chloride and mixed with water , which provides a very fine white powder consistency which adheres well to the skin.

Bismuth Oxychloride is not “natural”, but despite this, it is a very nice makeup ingredients , just like that talc is good.

In essence, mineral makeup is great for your skin as long as you do not believe that it is more natural and better for your skin than other makeup.

Have a nice day !

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