Dry Skin

Dry or flaky skin isn’t pretty, and can get in your way.

Dry skin is uncomfortable!

If you have dry skin, then you probably experience that it gets in your way. Dry skin doesn’t look good, and it can be frustrating fighting with tight and flaky skin. Worst of all, the dry flakes on your skin can block your pores, and create skin problems.

5 mistakes most people with dry skin make

Dry skin is one of the areas in the category “skin types” where people make a lot of mistakes. Here are 5 mistakes most people with dry skin make:

  • Using oil to treat dry skin

    One of the biggest mistakes a lot of people with dry skin make, is treating their skin with oil. It’s become quite trendy to swap your cream out for an oil in your daily routine. This is a big mistake! Oil does hydrate the skin, but it does not care for the skin. What’s more, oils can clog your pores, which leads to acne and unclear skin.

  • Using scrubs

    Many mistakenly believe that dry skin can be treated with a scrub or peeling masks, to get rid of dry flakes. This is not the case! Scrubs and peeling masks do not help dry skin. At first glance, it may look like the dry patches go away, but these treatments will only perpetuate dry skin. Dry skin needs moisture and care - not scrubs.

  • Focusing on moisture rather than treatment

    Moisture is usually the solution to dry skin. However, a lot of people forget to treat their skin correctly in their search for hydration. Dry skin, like any other skin type, needs anti-aging, sun protection, vitamins and minerals to stay beautiful and well cared for.

  • Forgetting moisture-locking ingredients

    Moisture is one thing. But moisture-locking ingredients are a whole other thing. If you struggle with dry skin, then moisture-locking ingredients are super important, as these are the things that help your skin retain moisture. If your skin care does not contain the right hydrating ingredients, then you’ll experience the feeling of dry skin again, not long after applying your cream.

  • Thinking that large amounts of water can solve the problem

    One of the biggest myths about dry skin is that water can help dryness. Worst of all is the myth that you can drink away dry skin via drinking water. This is a big misunderstanding. By drinking large amounts of water, you run the risk of flushing out important salts, vitamins and minerals.

Those were the top 5 mistakes, when it comes to dry skin. There are many more! If you have dry skin, you’re probably making some of them…

One of the most important points is to remember that dry skin is not a skin problem. Dry skin is a skin type, like oily skin. Dry skin can be easily addressed with hydration and moisture-locking ingredients.

So! If you have dry skin, get some help to get beautiful, even-toned skin.

Dry skin can cause skin problems

When you have dry skin, it is super important to treat it with lots of hydration and moisture-locking ingredients. Dry skin that is left untreated can actually be the reason for a long list of skin problems. Acne and unclear skin are two of the biggest problems that can be caused by dry skin.

Another big problem with dry skin is flaky skin. First and foremost, it isn’t pretty, but these skin flakes can actually also block your pores.

Skin problems and dry skin

A lot of skin care is marketed towards skin problems – not skin types. This causes mistreatment. For example, most people connect oily skin with acne. But this is a mistake. You can easily have dry skin and acne, just as you can have rosacea and dry skin.

Nose and eyelids with dry skin
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How to resolve dry skin

The first step is knowing that you have dry skin. If your skin flakes, is tight, or feels dry, then chances are you have dry skin! This means that you should treat your skin with products that contain lots of moisture and great moisture-locking ingredients - this way you can quickly prevent possible skin problems.

  • Focus on your skin type

    Always choose skin care for your skin type - dry skin. No matter what skin problem you have, choose a product that gives you an option for dry skin. This way you can fight both the skin problem and dry skin.

  • Forget scrubs

    Get rid of scrubs and masks. These have no positive effect on dry skin. On the contrary. Instead focus on daily care - that will be sure to help.

  • Remember, moisture is not just oil

    Oil is not the only source of moisture. Avoid using pure oil on your face, as this can clog pores. Instead, focus on moisture from other sources, that are good on dry skin.

  • Remember moisture-locking ingredients

    Moisture is important to remember when treating dry skin. Moisture-locking ingredients are even more important, as these help your skin retain moisture.

  • Remember to care for your skin!

    Remember that dry skin needs to be cared for. Don’t make the mistake of focusing only on having dry skin. Remember that dry skin also needs vitamins, minerals and anti-aging - that is, good daily care.

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Recommended products for dry skin

Get rid of dry skin. Avoid tight and flaky skin, and instead get great, well cared for and beautiful skin. Choose the Danish Skin Care products specially formulated for dry skin:


Remember that skin types can change

Dry skin is your skin type today. In a month, in 5 years, in 10 years, this winter, this summer, after a pregnancy or in conjunction with an illness, your skin type can change to another type.

There are many reasons why skin types change

However, it is impossible to say what your skin type will become. Some get dry skin in winter. Some get oily skin in winter. Others experience no change. Keep ongoing track of your skin type, and change your skin care when your skin type changes.

Skin care for dry skin!

Always choose skin care for dry skin! Next, choose skin care with properties to address your specific skin problem.

And remember! Skin types can change!

When buying new skin care, remember the last 14 days. Has your skin been “normal”, or have you experienced oily skin? Maybe you have noticed that your skin has been shiny several times?

Then switch to skin care for oily skin for a bit, so that your skin gets less moisture.

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