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Normal skin also needs to be taken care of!

Many people think of normal skin as a skin type – one that is neither oily nor dry. However, this is a mistake! Normal skin is not a skin type, but rather skin without any skin problems. Normal skin does need to be taken care of though, so that your skin can stay beautiful.

5 mistakes most people with normal skin make

Are you one of the few people with normal skin? Then you’re very lucky, and you have an even better reason to take good care of your skin. Here are 5 mistakes most people with normal skin make:

  1. Doing nothing
    The ultimate mistake in caring for normal skin is doing nothing. You can quickly fall into this rhythm, if you don’t have a skin problem to solve. But this is a big misunderstanding. It is actually easiest to care for your skin when there are no problems with it. By doing this you can counteract and prevent future skin problems.
  2. Overtreating your skin
    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. A lot of people with normal skin can withstand harsh skin care treatments. But it’s a good idea to stay away from these, even if you don’t experience acne or other forms of irritation on your skin right away. The skin will over time become overtreated by these harsh treatments, which in the worst case will cause the development of skin problems.
  3. Thinking normal skin is a skin type
    To use the term “combination skin” or “normal skin” to designate a skin type is a general mistake made in the skin care business. When a skin type is being determined, it is either mostly oily or mostly dry. There is nothing in between. Normal skin is a term for skin that does not have any problems. But normal skin does need care, with the aim to prevent and counteract any future skin problems.
  4. Thinking that water alone can care for your skin
    “I don’t have any skin problems, so why should I treat my skin?” This is how a lot of people with normal skin think. Many with normal skin end up only using soap and water to take care of their skin. This is a huge mistake! Water alone does not do anything for the skin. Normal skin also needs to be cared for with good skin care products, so that it stays nice.
  5. Forgetting sun protection
    People with normal skin can usually withstand a good amount of sun exposure, and tan easily. Because of this, many people forget to use sunscreen and to protect themselves from the sun, which means that their risk of developing a sun allergy, sun rash or in the worst case, skin cancer, is enhanced.

These are 5 mistakes many people with normal skin make. However, there are many more. Always remember to care for your skin with good skin care products, even though you have good, easy skin.

Normal skin can easily be transformed into acne-ridden skin, damaged skin or wrinkly skin..

And when the damage is done, it is difficult to get back to normal skin.

It can take a long time, and call for extensive treatment.

Normal skin needs to be taken care of

It is much easier to prevent skin problems than to treat them.

Remember to care for your skin every day, so that you avoid irritating skin problems, that could easily have been avoided with a daily skin care routine. This will ensure great skin for many years to come.

Challenges with normal skin and skin types

Normal skin is usually neither very dry nor very oily. Because of this, many people with normal skin think that they can get away without creams, or that they should buy cream specially formulated for normal skin. This is a misunderstanding. Choose skin care by how your skin feels for the bigger part of the day – for example, slightly oily or slightly dry. You will always have more oily skin or more dry skin during the day – choose your skin care depending on this.

How to best care for normal skin

First and foremost you should begin to treat your skin. And something is better than nothing. Normal skin needs skin care, as this prevents possible skin problems. Follow the advice below and become an expert in giving your normal skin the correct care.

  1. Keep it simple
    Cleansing, treatment, and moisturizing. This is how simple your routine can be. Repeat morning and evening.
  2. Get rid of extra products
    Don’t fall for the sales tricks. There is no reason you need both booster, serum, skin tonic and masks in your skin care routine. These are only going to heighten the risk of over treating your skin, which can cause skin problems.
  3. Don’t be fooled!
    Avoid skin care that is marketed specifically towards normal or combination skin. Instead, look for skin care for dry or oily skin, depending on what your skin feels like for most of the day.
  4. Daily care
    Good skin care is about treating your skin daily – both morning and night. Avoid weekly or monthly treatments. These are ineffective and harsh on the skin.
  5. Avoid harsh ingredients
    Get rid of any perfumes, colorants and other harsh ingredients in your skin care. Although your skin might not react to these harsh ingredients, there is no reason why you should make them a part of your skin care routine.

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Something is better than nothing!

Normal skin needs good skin care. Don’t forget your daily skin care, even if you already have good skin. Untreated skin can quickly transform into a skin problem.

Prevention rather than repair.

It is much easier to care for your skin simply and effectively on a daily basis, rather than having to repair an existing skin problem.

You are what you eat

Remember the phrase “you are what you eat.” Focus on achieving a healthy and varied diet each day. This will help your skin in the long run, as well as give you tons of great energy daily.

There’s no time like the present!

Start to treat your skin with anti-aging now – you can never begin too soon. Also, focus on getting exercise, even if you’re fit. Prevention is key.

Don’t get fanatical!

Remember that you already have wonderful skin. So there’s no reason to get crazy and start changing everything, if there is something that works for you now. Instead, focus on daily care and prevention. You’ll thank yourself in the future.

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