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Shiny, oily and greasy skin isnโ€™t pretty - but it can easily be fixed.

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Oily skin can be so irritating!

If you struggle with oily skin, you easily start to look like youโ€™re sweating. Which isnโ€™t so attractive. Oily skin makes your skin look shiny, which also doesnโ€™t look so great in photos. But worst of all, oily skin can lead to clogged pores, which can cause skin problems.

5 mistakes made by most people with oily skin

Figuring out your skin type can be difficult. But when it comes to oily skin, a lot of people also make mistakes in treating their skin. Here are five typical mistakes that most people with oily skin make:

  1. They donโ€™t use a moisturizer
    The biggest mistake people with oily skin make, is to forego moisturizer. A lot of people mistakenly think that it makes sense not to use a cream, to avoid extra moisture on their skin. This is a big mistake. Creams can actually do much more than just transfer moisture to your skin. Itโ€™s in your moisturizer that most of the treatment of your skin should happen.
  2. Washing your face excessively
    If you have oily skin, then it does not help to wash your face several times throughout the day. Oily skin is caused by the skinโ€™s overproduction of oils, which you cannot change by washing your face. This actually increases the risk of drying your skin out, which leads to the production of more oil, and makes your skin even greasier.
  3. Blotting with tissues
    Blotting papers, tissues or cleansing cloths are not the solution to oily skin. Itโ€™s actually a pretty bad idea, since blotting your face will simply rub off your moisturizer and dry your skin out, and remove the thing that is meant to be helping your skin.
  4. Thinking oily skin = pimples
    Oily skin and acne are often equated with one another. This is a mistake! Having oily skin says nothing about whether or not you have acne and unclear skin. You can easily have oily skin without having acne. And you can likewise have dry skin and have acne.
  5. Using oils in their skin care
    Itโ€™s trendy right now to use oils like argan and jojoba oils as your skin care. However, greasy skin and oils are a bad combination. Greasy skin is caused by too much oil, so applying even more oil to your skin will only worsen the problem. You actually run the risk of clogging your pores up, which can lead to acne and other skin issues.

These were just 5 mistakes, when it comes to oily skin. There are many more! If you have oily skin, you could be making some of themโ€ฆ

Itโ€™s important to remember that oily skin is not a skin problem. Oily skin is a skin type, just like dry skin. Skin types are probably the area of skin care with the most myths. However, skin types are also one of the things that are the easiest to care for.

So! If you have oily skin, get some help, and get great, even-toned and beautiful skin!

Oily skin can cause skin problems

The number one reason why you should make sure to care for your skin correctly when you have oily skin, is to avoid skin problems. People with oily skin are at a higher risk for skin problems like acne, blackheads, whiteheads and unclear skin.

Do you have oily skin? Then you need to take care of your skin correctly, so that you avoid extra oil and the skin problems that can result from that.

Incorrect treatment of oily skin

Unfortunately, a lot of people mistreat their oily skin. Many cosmetologists โ€“ and especially older skin care companies โ€“ are not up-to-date on the latest and best treatments for oily skin. Which is why many people get the same treatments as 10 or 20 years ago. This is a mistake!

Many skin care companies are not up-to-date

Think of some of the biggest names in the market that came out 10, 20 or 30 years ago. Their products are the same today โ€“ and Iโ€™m not afraid to say that within the last 10 years, there has been an incredible amount of new research done about oily skin.

How to deal with oily skin

First and foremost, stop mistreating your skin. Next, focus on resolving your oily skin, so that you avoid acne and other skin problems โ€“ skin problems youโ€™re at a higher risk for with your oily skin.

  1. Remember to moisturize!
    Start using a day and night cream that are specially formulated for oily skin, so that you get mattifying ingredients. The most important thing is that you care for your skin correctly.
  2. Get rid of oil in your skin care!
    Check the ingredients list on your skin care products and avoid those that contain oils, as this will only make your oily skin worse. And of course, avoid using pure oils on your face.
  3. Cleanse your face morning and night
    Use a mild facial cleanser morning and nights. Choose a face wash without soaps, and with degreasing ingredients. By doing this, you will not only get rid of dirt, but also oil from your skin.
  4. Use a daily exfoliator with salicylic acid
    Salicylic acid dissolves oils, deep-cleans your pores and is an effective ingredient in the fight against oily skin. It is also an indispensable ingredient if you want beautiful skin.
  5. Choose skin care for oily skin
    The easiest instruction to follow, but an important one! Choose a skin care series created especially for oily skin.
  6. Get rid of drying ingredients!
    The solution to oily skin is not in drying out your skin. Therefore, get rid of drying ingredients like perfumes, colorants, camphor, menthol etc

Say goodbye to oily skin! Avoid shiny skin and instead get great, matte and beautiful skin. Choose the Danish Skin Care products that are specially formulated for oily skin.

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Remember that your skin type can change

Oily skin is your skin type, and like your mood, skin types can change. Skin types can change due to many factors, like medicine, illness, seasons, heat, cold, pregnancy and many more.

There are thousands of reasons why your skin type can change.

However, no one can predict what your skin type will change to. Therefore, NEVER choose skin care by the season, or skin care specially made for pregnant women. And NEVER change your skin care by your age.

Skin care for oily skin!

First and foremost, choose your skin care by your skin type! Next, choose skin care with properties that can help your skin problem.

And remember! Skin types can change!

When you are buying new skin care, always remember the last 14 days. Has your skin been โ€œnormalโ€, or have you felt that it has been dry? Maybe your skin has been missing moisture? Maybe your skin has felt tight? Maybe youโ€™ve experience that your skin has been peeling?

If you need moisture, opt for more hydrating products โ€“ vice versa, if youโ€™ve been experiencing more oil, opt for products for oily skin. Thereby you will always be giving your skin the right amount of moisture.

Get more information and help with caring for oily skin.

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